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The templates feature in Zoho Sign allows you to create common formats for particular types of documents and save them for reuse in the future. Saved templates are permanently stored in your Zoho Sign account until you manually delete them.

Perform the following operations using this feature:

Create Template

Creating a template is very similar to sending a document out for signature.

Note: Creation of templates can only be done by organization administrators.

To create a template:

  1. Click Templates from the left navigation panel on your Zoho Sign dashboard to open the templates page.
  2. Click the Create template button in the top-right corner.
  3. Upload or import the document you would like to create the template with.
  4. Enter the details of the template such as name, description, time to complete, and the document type.
  5. Enter the details of the recipients and assign roles to them.

Note: Either the Role field or the Email field is mandatory to define a recipient. Both cannot be left empty at the same time.

  1. Arrange the recipients in the desired signing order using the slider icon , or by entering each recipient's intended position in the numeric field next to the slider icon.

Note: If the same position is entered for two or more recipients in the signing order, the document will be sent to them in parallel for signing. The recipients after them in the signing order will receive the document only when all the previous signers finish signing it.

  1. Set other optional settings such as private message, authentication code, automatic reminders, and recipient note to suit your requirement, then click Continue.
  2. Add the form fields for each recipient by choosing the corresponding recipient from the Recipients pane in the top right of the document viewer screen.

Note: Choosing Prefill by you in the Recipients pane will allow you to prefill text on the document as the owner before sending it out for signatures.

In the case where the signer fields you want to add to the documents are already present in a previously saved template, you can import them directly onto the document and reposition them. To do so, open the Actions dropdown and click Apply field template.

You can then select the corresponding template from the list of saved templates and click Yes to import the signer fields onto the document.

  1. Click Save to create the template.

Use Template

Once a template has been created in Zoho Sign, you can use it whenever it's required. All you need to do is to choose the template; specify the recipient details, roles, and actions; and hit send.

To use a template:

  1. Click Templates from the left navigation panel on your Zoho Sign dashboard to open the templates page and select the template you want to use.

    Alternatively, click the plus icon  on the left navigation panel, select Use template from the dropdown menu, and choose the template you want to use from the template selection dialog box.
  2. Enter the details for the template - document fields, recipient details, roles & actions in the Send for signatures dialog box.
  3. Click Continue to proceed to the Edit document details page, where you can edit the details of the document and send it out for signature.
    Alternatively, click Quick send to send the document to the recipients immediately, without editing the document details.

Template Actions

Perform a set of pre-defined actions on each template you have created. To open the action menu, click the ellipsis  icon to the far right of the template in the templates screen.

Edit template

Edit any template you have created using Zoho Sign.

Click Edit from the action menu dropdown to open the Edit Template Details screen, where you can edit the template details and settings.

When editing a template, you can manage the documents part of the template by performing actions on them from the action menu. Click the ellipsis icon  next to each document to expand the action dropdown menu and select the action you want to perform.

  • Remove document
  • Replace document

Remove Document

Delete a document from the template when you no longer need it.

Click the delete icon and click Yes, remove file in the deletion dialog box.

Replace Document

You can replace a document in the template with a newer copy with the form fields in the exact position as the document being replaced.

Click the replace icon to upload the new document to replace the existing copy with.

Note: When replacing a document in a template, field swapping will occur only when the number of pages in the new document is equal to or more than that of the existing document. If the number of pages in the new document is lesser than the existing document, all the saved form fields will be lost and will have to be set using the document viewer again.

If the new document has fewer pages than the existing document, upload the document, then click Yes, replace file in the replace file dialog box.

Edit As New

Want to modify an existing template without losing its original format? You can simply duplicate or clone it to create a new template for modification.

Click Edit as new from the action menu dropdown to create a copy of the template. The details and settings of the copy can be fully edited, but they are, by default, the same as the original.

Change Ownership

Change the owner of a template by assigning it to another user in your organization.

Click Change ownership from the action menu dropdown to open the ownership change dialog box. Choose the user you want to transfer ownership of the template to and click Change.

Note: As creation of templates can only be done by organization administrators, transfer of template ownership can also be done only within and by users who are organization administrators.

Delete Template

Delete a template when you no longer need it.

Click Delete from the action menu dropdown. Click Yes on the deletion dialog box to remove the template.

Note: Deleted templates are sent to the trash folder. They can be restored from trash at any time.

Create SignForm

Create a self-serviced signing process through a secure, public URL by converting a template into a SignForm.

Click Create SignForm from the action menu dropdown to start. Click here to learn more about SignForms.

Note: Creation of SignForms using templates can only be done by organization administrators.

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