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Zoho Sign extension for Microsoft Teams

Zoho Sign now provides an extension for the popular collaboration tool, Microsoft Teams. With this extension, you can access all of Zoho Sign's functions and features directly from the Microsoft Teams application. The extension loads up the Zoho Sign web interface, enabling you to seamlessly upload and import documents, send them for signatures or sign them yourself, and share the signed documents or save them on the cloud, all from just a tab within Microsoft Teams.


  • Valid Microsoft Teams account
  • Valid Zoho Sign account

To install the Zoho Sign extension for Microsoft Teams:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Teams Store by clicking Store on the left navigation panel inside Microsoft Teams.
  2. Find the Zoho Sign extension using the search bar, then click Install to add it to your Teams application.
  3. Upon installation, you will be prompted to log in to your Zoho account to access Zoho Sign. If you already have a Zoho account, enter your Zoho credentials to sign in. If you do not have a Zoho account, use Office 365's SSO to authorize Zoho Sign within Microsoft Teams, then log in to your newly created account.
  4. Upon logging in, you can start using Zoho Sign from within the Microsoft Teams interface.

To add Zoho Sign tab in Microsoft Teams:

  1. Click Teams in the left navigation panel and open the team channel to which you want to add the Zoho Sign tab.
  2. Click the + icon at the top of the channel and search for Zoho Sign in the Add a tab pop-up.
  3. Select Zoho Sign and click Save to add the tab to the chosen channel.

Zoho Sign functions within Microsoft Teams

When you add the Zoho Sign tab to any channel within Microsoft Teams, you can access all of Zoho Sign's functions and features straight from this tab using the Sign user interface. Refer to our help guide here to learn how to navigate the Zoho Sign user interface.

The following basic functions can be carried out right from the Zoho Sign dashboard:

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