Sign from Email - Guest

Sign from Email - Guest and Non-Zoho User

Guests and Non-Zoho users can sign the documents they receive via Zoho Sign directly from their inbox.

There are three steps to be followed by guests to sign documents from their email inbox.

  1. Access the documents via secure link in email
  2. Confirm identity
  3. Fill the form fields and send the signed documents

Signature Request Email

When a guest is sent documents for signing via Zoho Sign, they will receive an email on behalf of the sender. This email, also known as the Signature Request email, will contain a secure link to access the page, where the documents can be viewed and signed by the guest. To start the signing process, they just have to click the button at the bottom of the email after reviewing its contents.

Identity Confirmation

Upon opening the secure link in the email, the guest will be directed to a page where they must confirm their identity to proceed to access the documents.

They can choose to either continue as a guest or sign up for a Zoho Sign account.

Note: It is not necessary for guests to create a Zoho account or sign up with Zoho Sign to be able to sign documents sent for their signature via Zoho Sign.

  • To continue as a guest, they have to click Continue as guest.
  • To sign up for a Zoho Sign account, they have to click Sign up and follow the steps here to finish signing up before proceeding to sign the documents.

Note: Guests choosing to sign up for a Zoho Sign account before signing the documents sent to them must use the same email address as the one they received the documents in. Using a different email address to sign up for Zoho Sign will not grant them access to sign the documents received.

Upon confirmation of identity, the guest will be directed to the document viewer to sign the documents.

Authentication Code

If the documents have been sent to the guest with the additional authentication step enabled, they will be prompted to enter an authentication code before they can access the documents.

Depending on the mode of delivery set for the authentication code by the owner of the documents, the code will be shared with the guest either automatically via email or SMS, or manually by the owner themselves.


If the code delivery type is set to online, the guest will receive an email carrying the authentication code when they start the signing process.


If the code delivery type is set to SMS, the guest will receive an SMS carrying the authentication code when they start the signing process.


If the code delivery type is set to offline, the owner of the documents will have to share the authentication code with the guest manually.

The guest must enter the authentication code and click Verify to proceed. They will then be directed to the document viewer to sign the documents.

If the authentication code is entered incorrectly three times in a row, guests will immediately lose access to the documents. They will then need to request the owner to restore their access.
If a guest did not receive their authentication code or forgot the code, they can click the Resend code option below the Verify button.

Fill Form Fields

The document viewer is where the guest signs the documents. The guest will be prompted to fill the required field values and their signature wherever necessary.

The guest can perform the following actions to the documents:


To sign the documents, the guest should:

  1. Review the document information and terms & conditions, and click Accept & Sign to start signing.
  2. Fill all the input fields as directed.
  3. Once all the mandatory fields have been filled, the message 'You've successfully filled all fields. Click Finish to complete.' will be displayed at the top. Click Finish to complete signing the document.

Once the guest finishes signing the documents, they can get a signed copy of them by either choosing to download them to their local drive or get them emailed to their inbox. Regardless of the guest's choice, a signed copy will always be emailed to their inbox.


To assign the documents to someone else for their signature, the guest should:

  1. Click More actions and select Assign to someone else  from the dropdown menu, which will prompt a dialog box to open.
  2. Enter the name and email address of the person who will be signing the documents.
  3. Click Assign to someone else.


To decline signing the documents, the guest should:

  1. Click More actions and select Decline  from the dropdown menu, prompting a dialog box to open.
  2. Enter the reason for declining the signature request.
  3. Click Decline.


To skip signing the document, the guest should:

  1. Click More actions and select Skip signing  from the dropdown menu, prompting a dialog box to open.
  2. Click Yes.

    The 'Skip signing' option can be used to simply review the contents of a document and put off signing it until a later time.


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