Bulk send

Bulk Send

Available only in Enterprise Edition

The bulk send feature allows you to send one or more documents with the same form fields to multiple recipients in one go. This can be a convenient feature when processing organization-wide legal formalities that would otherwise consist of bundles and stacks of tedious paperwork. In cases such as HR managers who need to get their updated policies signed by all the employees of the organization, owners of subscription-based businesses who want to get their updated terms of use signed by all customers, and event organizers that need to get consent forms signed by all the participants, this feature could prove to be very effective in saving a lot of time.

To send documents to a bulk of recipients:

  1. Choose Add bulk recipients under the Add recipients section upon uploading the documents needing signatures.
  2. Upload a CSV file containing the details of the recipients in bulk, both email and name, in the dialog box that opens. The file has to follow a certain format that can be found in the sample CSV file. You can download the sample by clicking Download sample CSV file in the dialog box.
    Note: The CSV file can contain a maximum of 100 recipients only.
  3. Upon uploading the CSV file, the details of all the recipients will be listed one after another in the same dialog box. You can then manage this list if required by removing any unwanted or erroneous entries.
  4. Once the list of bulk recipients is finalized, click Import.
  5. After the bulk recipient list has been added, the list will be displayed under the Add recipients section. Add other individual recipients to sign the documents, if any, and click Continue.
  6. Add the form fields to be filled by the recipients in the document viewer and click Send.
  7. To finalize and send the documents out for signing, verify the details of the fields added for each recipient and click Confirm in the dialog box.

To view the status and details of documents sent to bulk recipients:

  1. Hover over Documents in the left navigation pane on your dashboard and select Bulk send  from the dropdown menu.
  2. Select the document that you would like to view the details of from the resulting screen.

Use the Retry option to resend the documents to any of the recipients from the bulk who failed to receive them.

Important Note

Each document signature request generated via bulk send consumes an automation credit. Automation credits, proportionate to the number of licensed users, are provided to organizations on a monthly basis. If your organization runs out of automation credits, then each subsequent bulk send document signature request will consume Zoho Sign credits which need to be purchased as add-ons. 


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