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Microsoft Office 365 with Zoho Sign

Microsoft Office 365 is used by businesses of all sizes and types across the globe. With Zoho Sign and Office 365 integration, users can now directly log in to Zoho Sign with their existing Office 365 credentials, enjoy single sign-on access, import users from Office 365 into Zoho Sign in just a couple of steps, get documents signed effortlessly, and export and import documents easily into OneDrive. This integration will also help administrators improve productivity, security, and overall user experience in their company.

The process involves two-steps:

  1. Integrating Office 365 with Zoho Sign account
  2. Inviting users from Office 365


  • You need a valid Office 365 subscription with admin privilege to try this feature. 

Integrating Office 365 with Zoho Sign

You can integrate your Office 365 with Zoho Sign in two ways:

From Office 365 Marketplace:

  1. Go to Office 365 Marketplace and search for Zoho Sign. 
  2. Click the GET IT NOW button in the Zoho Sign page
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the login process.

From Zoho Sign website:

  1. Log in to Zoho Sign from here:
  2. Click the Sign in with Google or other IDPs option
  3. Click the Office 365 option, follow the on-screen instructions, and complete the login process.
  4. That's it, you're now ready to import users from Office 365 into Zoho Sign.

Importing users from Office 365

After associating your Microsoft Office 365 account with Zoho Sign, the next step is to import users in Office 365 to Zoho Sign. 

  1. Log in to your Zoho Sign account with the Sign in with Office365 option
  2. Click Users, then select Add Office 365 Users.
  3. Select which users should get access to Zoho Sign from the list.
  4. Users need to click the Join Organization button in the email they receive to become part of your Zoho Sign account.
  5. After joining, users will be able to start sending documents required and get them signed easily.
  6. There's also an option to export (save to cloud) and import documents into OneDrive directly from Zoho Sign.

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