In-Person Signing

In-Person Signing

Available only in Enterprise Edition

The in-person signing feature enables you to get documents signed using your Zoho Sign account in face-to-face situations. For example, business meetings or sales visits where you or your field executive are looking to get your partner or customer's signature on a few documents to finalize paperwork. Using this particular feature under such circumstances can make the process quick and easy, serving as an extremely handy tool that saves the hassle of organizing and carrying bulky physical documents.

The workflow of the in-person signing feature involves two types of end users.
  • Host: The person who conducts the in-person signing session, such as field executives or sales and delivery personnel, and get the documents signed by the signers. The host needs to be a part of your organization's Zoho Sign account.
  • Signer: The person who signs the documents. The signer will take control from the host during the in-person signing session, sign the documents and pass the control back to the host.

There are three major steps to conducting an in-person signing session:

  1. Adding an in-person signer
  2. Hosting an in-person signing session
  3. Signing the documents in an in-person signing session

To add an in-person signer:

  1. Choose In-person signer  from the dropdown menu next to the Name field under the Add recipients section upon uploading the documents.
  2. Enter the details of the host and the signer: Name and Email. Repeat this for any other hosts and signers.
  3. Add the form fields to be filled in the document viewer and send the documents out for signature.

To host an in-person signing session:

  1. Check your inbox for an email from Zoho Sign sent on behalf of the sender. This email, also known as the Signature Request email, will contain a link to access the documents that need to be signed by the signer. To start the in-person signing session, click Host Session and select the documents that need signing. You may be prompted to log in to your Zoho Sign account if you are not already logged in.
    Log into your Zoho Sign account and select the documents that need signing from your dashboard.

    Note: In case there are multiple signers, choose the signer with whom the session has to be hosted.

  2. Read the instructions displayed in the dialog box and pass control to the signer.
  3. Once the signer completes signing the documents, get control back from them and click Finish to end the in-person signing session.

To sign documents in an in-person signing session:

  1. Get control of the device containing the documents from the host.
  2. Review the document information and terms & conditions, and click Accept & Sign to start signing.
  3. Fill all the input fields in the document viewer as directed.
  4. Once all the mandatory fields have been filled, the message 'You've successfully filled all fields. Click Finish to complete.' will be displayed at the top. Click Finish to complete signing the document..
  5. Specify the email address that you would like a signed copy of the documents sent to in the dialog box that opens.
  6. Click Pass control and hand the device back to the host.


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