Set up your signature

Set up your signature

Electronic signature (or e-signature) is the most fundamental component in digital signing. It's essentially your signature stored in the digital format.

Zoho Sign allows you to set up your e-signature in three ways:

  • Type
  • Draw
  • Upload

To set up your signature:

  1. Visit your profile by clicking Settings on the left navigation panel on your Zoho Sign dashboard.
  2. Click the pencil icon  next to the signature and the initial fields to open the signature wizard.
  3. Choose your preferred method of creating your e-signature from the top and continue.
  4. If you want to draw your signature, click Draw at the top, draw your signature and initial on the screen, then click Ok.
  5. If you want to type out your signature, click Type, choose a font style from the default set of styles available in the application, type out your signature and initial on the screen, and click Ok.
  6. If you want to upload an image of your signature, click Upload, add the image file containing the signature from your local disk through drag and drop or file explorer, then click Ok.

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