Organization Details

Organization details

As an administrator, you can change the details of your organization at any time. You can also delete your Zoho Sign account from this page.

To change the organization details,

  • Click the 'Settings' tab from the left pane and choose 'Organization settings'.
  • Enter the organization details in the form fields below and click 'Save'.

Organization Details

This section allows you to associate the logo of your organization to your Zoho Sign account. Send requests and automated notification emails from Zoho Sign using your company's logo thereby amplifying your brand image across recipients. 

To upload your company logo,

  • Click the 'Upload' option under Logo. 


  • Select the logo image from your local drive and click 'Choose'.
  • Resize, crop, rotate or zoom your logo in the editor and click 'Use'.
  • The company logo will be uploaded. 

Uploaded company logo


Delete Zoho Sign account

You can delete your account if you want to stop using Zoho Sign or if you want to join another Zoho Sign or Zoho One organisation.

Deleting your Zoho Sign account permanently deletes all your documents and associated data from Zoho Sign. Do note that deleting your Zoho Sign account will only delete your Zoho Sign data and does not affect your data in other Zoho applications. 

Note: Once your Zoho Sign account is deleted, your account cannot be restored nor can your data be recovered. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you download a copy of all your documents or save them to cloud before proceeding with account deletion to avoid any data loss.

To delete your Zoho Sign account, 

  • Click the 'Settings' tab from the left pane and choose 'Organization settings'.
  • Click the 'Close account' option on the top right. 
  • Click 'Yes' in the dialog box that opens. 

Delete Zoho Sign Account

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