This section allows you to streamline the users of your organization's Zoho Sign account. 

In this section you can do the following: 

Invite/add users

Invite users from within your organization or from outside to participate in your organization's signing activities. 

To invite/add new users to your organization,

  • Go to settings on the navigation panel.

  • Click the 'Users' tab under the 'Admin' category. 

  • Enter the email address of the user you wish to invite.

  • Click 'Send'.

Note: You can send up to three invitations at a time separated by commas.

Add a new user

Define roles

There are two types of roles - admins and users. An admin gets special access and is allowed to make any changes to the organization's Zoho account while a user cannot.

  • Add or remove users
  • Change user roles
  • View all documents
  • Create templates
  • Create SignForms
  • Configure account settings
  • Modify subscription
  • View and access only their own documents
  • Cannot perform admin operations

To configure user roles,

  • Go to settings on the navigation panel.

  • Click the 'Users' tab under admin.

  • Enable the checkbox against a user.

  • Click the change role drop-down.

  • Select 'Admin' to set administrator privileges or select 'User', to set user privileges.

Change user role

Set access permissions

In Zoho Sign, you can set access permission for every user in the organization. 

To revoke/grant access to the users,

  • Go to settings on the navigation panel.

  • Click the 'Users' tab under 'Admin'.

  • Select the checkbox for a user.

  • Click the 'More actions' drop-down.

  • Click on 'Grant access' to grant access to the user or click 'Revoke access' to remove access from the user or click 'Delete' to delete the user from the organization's Zoho Sign account.

Set access permissions

Pending invitations

Here you can see all the pending invitations related to your organization's account.

To view the status of an invitation sent to a user,

  • Go to 'Settings' on the navigation panel.

  • Click the 'Users' tab under 'Admin'.

  • Click the 'Pending invitations' tab.

Pending Invitations

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