Zoho Sign - DKIM FAQS

I use Zoho Sign with Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Zoho, or another email account, can I use this feature? 

No. You must have a custom domain for this feature to work. If you don't have a custom domain, we recommend that you use Zoho Sign's default notification email address to send emails rather than your email address. You can configure this in the Account Settings page by setting the Choose email address to send Zoho Sign mails from: dropdown to Zoho Sign notification email address. 

Where can I find the steps to configure this feature?

Please read this section of our help documentation to learn how to configure this feature.  

How long will it usually take to verify my domain?

It usually takes a few hours for your domain to get verified based on the TTL (Time To Live) value in the TXT record. 

I have already verified my domain in another application, do I need to verify it again in Zoho Sign?

Yes. You need to verify your domain separately for the Zoho Sign application.

It's been more than a day since I completed the steps, why is my domain not verified yet?

The most common mistake that we see our users make is adding the domain name to the host value. Check your TXT record and make sure that your host value doesn't contain the domain name (Ex:152XXXXXXXXXX._domainkey). Write to support@zohosign.com if you need any further assistance.

How can we verify our domain in Zoho Sign if our company has outsourced IT services?

You need to contact your IT service provider to verify your domain in Zoho Sign. We recommend that you write an email to them and CC support@zohosign.com so it can be verified as quickly as possible. 

Who should I contact in my company to verify our domain?

You need to contact your IT or sysadmin team to verify your domain in Zoho Sign. We recommend that you write them an email and CC support@zohosign.com to speed up the process.

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