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Your digital signature platform should be secure and reliable, not fragile and unpredictable. Zoho Sign provides a safe, swift, and sustainable digital signature platform for over 35,000 businesses.

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  • Long-term commitment

    Zoho has been a private, bootstrapped, and profitable company for over 25 years. Our vision is to serve as the operating system for businesses. Zoho Sign, launched in 2017, plays a crucial role in our vision and suite of apps. Read why our users love Zoho Sign.

  • Secure, compliant, and legal across the world

    Zoho Sign meets the highest standards of digital signatures, including advanced electronic signatures (AES) and qualified electronic signatures (QES), with military-grade encryption. It’s recognized as a legally valid platform across the world, and complies with international guidelines such as GDPR, HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11, and EU GMP Annex 11.

  • Recognized by analysts and industry experts

    Zoho Sign has clinched the top spot across reputed analyst reports over the last few years. See what analysts and industry experts have to say.

Here’s why Zoho Sign is your best option:

  • Zoho Sign

    DocuSign and other alternatives

  • Try before you buy

    You can try all the features and benefits of Zoho Sign for free using the 14-day Enterprise edition trial. Then, you can shift to any of the paid plans or continue on the Free plan.

    Limited features during trial and inflexible free plans

    Some alternatives don’t offer a free plan or a free trial of all the features and benefits without additional payments or commitments.

  • Free technical support, migration, and onboarding assistance

    Sign up, and we’ll take care of the rest. Zoho Sign provides free technical support, migration, and onboarding assistance at no additional cost.

    Paid or opaque assistance policies

    Alternatives either charge for technical support, migration, and onboarding assistance, or they do not transparently disclose these policies.

  • Unlimited signatures and storage

    Zoho Sign provides unlimited signatures, templates, and storage in its Professional and Enterprise plans.

    Whopping rates, limited signatures

    Alternative digital signature tools provide just around a hundred envelopes a year for higher rates.

  • Close more deals, open more opportunities

    Close deals faster with advanced features like templates, bulk send, SignForms, blockchain-based timestamping, QES and AES, controls for life sciences, user roles and permissions, recipient authentication via government and regional IDs, payment collection, and more. Benefit from generative AI capabilities in all editions.

    Advanced features at heavy prices

    Advanced features, like blockchain-based timestamping and recipient authentication methods, may not be available at reasonable rates on other digital signature tools.

  • Transparent pricing

    No hidden pricing, contractual bonds, or locked-in fees. Zoho Sign offers nominal and transparent pricing across all plans, along with a free plan, unlike many alternatives. You have the freedom to switch or cancel plans at any time.

    Pricing may not be transparent

    Some alternatives charge loftier prices for fewer features and benefits. Not all payments and commitments are revealed transparently when you sign up, which makes downgrades and cancellations difficult.

  • No-compromise compliance and security

    Zoho Sign, like all Zoho products, has a no-compromise security, privacy, and compliance policy. It complies with international frameworks like GDPR, HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11, EU GMP Annex 11, ISO 9001, SOC 2 Type II, and more. Our platform is legally accepted worldwide under various laws, such as the ESIGN Act, ITA-2000, ACTA, eIDAS, ETA, and PIPEDA.

    We also offer native integrations with regional and international authentication methods.

    API-based integrations for compliance and security

    Other tools may not provide native integrations for better security, and instead may offer API-based integrations at additional costs.

    Alternatives may not be as widely compliant, secure, and globally legal.

Zoho Sign Vs DocuSign

Why choose Zoho Sign over the others

  • Features Zoho Sign DocuSign Adobe Sign Dropbox Sign
  • Unlimited contract signing, storage, and templates Yes No No No
  • Qualified electronic signatures (QES) for contract signingYes Yes Yes Yes
  • Blockchain-based timestamping Yes Yes No No
  • Free migration and onboarding assistance Yes No No No
  • Free technical support Yes No No No

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