End-to-end agreement management

Simplify agreement lifecycle processes with Zoho

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End-to-end agreement management

One of the biggest obstacles in closing deals quickly is the back-and-forth involved in the agreement cycle.

There are many steps in an agreement process, including drafting the actual agreement, collaborating within internal teams, negotiating with external stakeholders, collecting digital signatures, and managing the contract lifecycle.

No code workflow exists to automate these fundamental tasks.

However, what if we could ease the process by overseeing each of these steps from a single workspace?

With Zoho, you gain access to integrated apps that help you take care of all your agreement operations, from inception to signing.

Even though you may be switching between apps for different functions, every solution you need is available in one place.

Document creation

With Zoho Writer, you can create documents on a collaborative, online word processor. Its live collaboration tools make it easy to work with teammates, so you can save time and energy otherwise spent updating and managing physical documents.

Document collaboration

All stakeholders should have access to key documents and other related files throughout your agreement process. With Zoho WorkDrive, you can store, share, and manage files of any size.

No-code workflows

Automating repetitive tasks helps boost company productivity. With our integration platform,
Zoho Flow, you can connect your everyday apps and create automated workflows without any code.

Team communication

In today’s remote and hybrid work environments, unified communication is essential for better collaboration. With Zoho Mail and Zoho Cliq, your teams can communicate contextually and conveniently.

External communication

From remote meetings to resolving client issues, Zoho Meeting, Zoho Assist, and Zoho Lens help you remotely collaborate with your external stakeholders without the hassle.

Digital signatures

With Zoho Sign, you can have counterparties sign agreements from anywhere and at any time. Get your business documents signed in minutes or days, not weeks or months.

Contract lifecycle management

Automate your contract lifecycle processes with Zoho Contracts. Its simple yet sophisticated platform ensures your legal and finance teams can manage their operations effectively.

Streamline your work, save time

From large businesses to freelancers, the biggest challenge experienced in business growth is efficient agreement management. If you have to deal with multiple agreements at once, keep them centralized with Zoho.