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UI screenshots

  • 1. Zoho Sign dashboard

    Sign documents or send them out for signatures

    Zoho Sign dashboard
  • 2. User profile

    Add your e-signature, stamp, and other details to Zoho Sign

    User profile
  • 3. Adding documents and recipients

    Upload or import your documents and add recipient details to Zoho Sign to set up a sign workflow

    Adding documents and recipients
  • 4. Additional workflow settings

    Organize your documents into types and folders, set request deadline and document validity, and set up periodic reminders

    Additional workflow settings
  • 5. Tracking documents

    Open your document details to view and track the signing status of each individual recipient in real time and manage them

    Tracking documents
  • 6. Documents list view

    View and filter your documents based on completion status

    Documents list view
  • 7. Document viewer

    Select recipients and easily drag-and-drop, position, and align all the necessary signer fields in the documents

    Document viewer
  • 8. Reports

    Generate custom reports of the document signing activity from your Zoho Sign account