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What is a digital signature certificate?

A digital signature certificate is issued by the Government of India, authorizing a Certifying Authority (CA) like eMudhra to verify one's identity. It is recommended to use one's digital signature certificate to e-sign important documents that are to be submitted to service providers in the government, public, and private sector.

IndustriesPopular use-cases
BankingApplication forms, sanction letters, loan forms, stock statements
EnterpriseJob applications, interview letters, FORM-16, payslips, purchase orders, tax filings, company filings
GovernmentDigital locker, self-attestation, e-filing, passport application, banks and post office documents, birth and marriage forms
InsuranceQuotation, policy request, policy issuance, claim submission, settlement, and re-insurance
Mutual fundsInvestment applications, depository and custodial papers, balance confirmation, other related documents
BrokeragesAccount opening, trade confirmations, all statements, stock exchanges

How does it work?

  • Visit the eMudhra eSign website and create your account.
  • Verify your identity using Aadhar, PAN, etc, through their online KYC process. Your identity will be verified in the background.
  • Upon successful verification, you can e-sign documents with your own certificate, without carrying any hardware token.

How does this integration work?

  • Zoho Sign administrators enable the integration for other users in their organization.
  • Once enabled, users can connect their Zoho Sign account and eMudhra eSign Service.
  • Users can then follow the regular steps to sign documents themselves or send them out to collect signatures.
  • If users would like to sign the documents using eMudhra, then after filling in the fields in Zoho Sign, they should select the option Sign with eMudhra.
  • Users will be redirected to the eMudhra eSign Service website, and upon successful authentication, the document will be signed with their certificate.
  • The signed document will then be saved in their Zoho Sign account, as usual.

Sign your next document with your digital certificate.

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