ShowTime for

iOS and Android devices.

The ShowTime Presenter app lets you - the trainer - take control of any presentation on the mobile device of your choice, while the ShowTime Viewer app, lets your participants interact with you on their personal one.

For the ShowTime Presenter app:

Do you feel that your laptop and the podium are preventing you from delivering the training you want to give? One that lets you make use of the whole room and capture everyone's attention? With the Presenter app, you can be the trainer your audience came to see. Here's how:

  • Stream your slides on your trainees' mobile device so you don't have to always stay tied to your laptop to go through each one.
  • Keep your participants' attention focused on your presentation by encouraging them to like your slides and send you their questions as your session continues.
  • Broadcast the individual questions that will be the most meaningful for your whole group, and archive the rest so you can spend more time giving a detailed answer rather than rushing through each question.
  • Use live metrics to know how well you're doing in holding the attention of your participants.
  • After the show's over, know how your trainees rated your session.
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For the ShowTime Viewer app:

Do you sometimes feel like your participants are passive spectators rather than active participants in your training? With the Viewer app, you can influence the session and make it more of a discussion. Here's how:

  • Your participants can move back and forth between slides during the session so that they can refer back to the completed slides and stay up to date.
  • Through individual 'slide likes', trainees can appreciate content that resonated with them.
  • Shy participants can also post virtual questions which can contribute to the session's vigor.
  • Instant rating and feedback can be provided at the end of each session.
  • Open doors to post training networking by sharing contact details.
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