ShowTime for

iOS and Android devices.

The ShowTime Presenter app lets you, the trainer, establish a digital connection with your learners. The ShowTime Viewer app lets your learners connect to your training through their mobile devices and interact with you from anywhere.

Empowered trainer, engaging sessions:​

Delivering classroom training requires one-on-one interaction with your learners. Don't let the podium or laptop restrict you. Make use of the whole room and capture everyone's attention with the Presenter app.​

  • Forget projectors: Stream your content directly to your trainees' mobile devices.​
  • Keep your learners' attention focused on your session by encouraging them to 'like' the slides they find the most valuable and to send questions from their smartphones.​
  • Collect, prioritize, and project individual questions to drive class interaction.​
  • Use live metrics to learn how well you're holding the attention of your participants.​
  • Get instant feedback and ratings when the session concludes.​
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Enable learning, assure growth:

Whether in a real classroom or a virtual one, give your learners a uniquely engaging experience. The Viewer app will take your sessions directly to them, no matter where they are.​

  • Share your screen and slides in real time. Attendees can tune into your live sessions and follow along at every step of the way.​
  • Learners can look back to completed slides during the session to take notes or to get up to speed if they joined late.​
  • Invite learners to use the built-in chat feature to collaborate and communicate during the session.​
  • Trainees, both remote and in-class, can pose questions on their mobile devices instantly instead of waiting till the end of the session.​
  • Get their honest opinion—encourage your attendees to provide instant feedback and rating at the end of each session.​
  • Customize your "Thank you" message,share your contact information, and invite post-session interaction.​
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