Set up a remote session

Set up a Remote Session

Remote session is used when you have attendees spread across the globe. Remote session lets you to broadcast your voice, video, screen and your slides with your attendees.

To set up a remote Session:

  1. Click the Sessions icon in the left-hand panel.
  2. Click Create Session.
  3. Enter a Session Name and Description.
  4. Choose the Date, Time, and Duration of the session.
  5. Select Remote Session as the session type.
  6. Click Create.
  7. In the Session Details section, you can edit your session before starting it. Click Edit near the attend URL to modify the Join key. Click Edit to change the session details. Click Embed to promote the session on your website or blog.
    • Select a widget size: full banner, square, or skyscraper.
    • Copy the embed code from the text box (remember to save it to paste on your site) and click Done.
  8. In the Audio Details section, you can see information about supported browsers.
  9. In the Registration section, registration will be enabled by default view the number of registered attendees. Select Copy mail invitation to send your attendees an invitation to join your session. (Note: attendees for all scheduled sessions will receive a reminder email half an hour before the session.)
  10. There are two ways in which you can start a remote session. To begin with screen share go ahead and click Launch on the upper-right corner and go to step 13. To start with a presentation and polls continue to the next step. (Note: You can upload or import presentations and polls either before or after you launch a session.)
    • Select Presentations to create a new presentation using Zoho Show, upload a presentation from your computer, or import one from your presentation library. You need to add a presentation before you can launch your session.
    • Select Polls to create a new poll or import one from your poll library. You need to add a poll before you can launch your session.
  11. Before you launch a session, ensure that the Completion Status section located on the right side of the session is completed. View your progress through steps such as creating a session, adding a description, creating a presentation, adding polls, and enabling registration. The green tick mark will display how much has been completed.
  12. Click Launch in the upper-right corner to start your session.
  13. Click Share selected devices when you're prompted for camera and microphone access.
  14. If you haven't already sent all of your invitations, you can copy the Session Details here to invite more attendees.
  15. By default, the audio and video will be ON. You can preview yourself now before you start broadcasting.
  16. Click Start Broadcast to begin sharing your session with your attendees. They can now hear you, see you, and view your slides as you move through your presentation.
  17. If you have started your session with screen share you will see the Options page choose Screen share. If you have started the session with a presentation, the presentation slides will be visible and the Options page will not appear.(Learn how to deliver a remote session.)

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