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About the ShowTime Presenter App:

The ShowTime Presenter app enables you to deliver and control all aspects of your presentation from your smartphone, thus giving you the ability to move freely among your audience. You are no longer locked onto the podium; you can become part of the audience experience, as well as help them feel as though they are engaging with you more directly.

This app is available for both Android and iOS users. Download it today to get started.

  • When David, for example, arrives at the conference hall and realizes he has forgotten to bring his laptop, he knows he can still proceed with his presentation by using the ShowTime app. He simply uses an available laptop, connects it to the projector, and opens in the browser. He then opens the ShowTime app in his phone and selects his presentation. He next scans the QR code or the event pin that is shown on the laptop screen, which allows him to access ShowTime without logging into his account. He then uploads the presentation from his phone to the laptop, and begins his presentation, without delay.

System Requirements:

  • iOS 8.0 or later

  • Android 4.0 or up

This app is optimized for mobile devices.

ShowTime plugin inner

Features Available in the Power-Point Plug-In and the ShowTime App:

Enhanced presenter view - You'll see your slide notes, the next/previous slides, your audience engagement level, slide likes, and real-time audience questions.

Enhanced audience engagement - Encourage your audience to log onto '', or ask them to download the ShowTime Viewer app with their smartphone. They'll be able to interact with you and your presentation.

View slide likes - Get likes and appreciation for your slide content/animation in real time. Encourage your audience to like their favorite slides. See what's working and what isn't, while you're making your presentation. Use this information to adjust your current presentation, and as a reference as you develop your future presentations.

Answer questions in real time - Encourage your audience to ask questions through their phones during your presentation, then answer them in real time as the question is projected onto the screen. You select the questions you want to answer, and filter the rest.

Push content to your audience - While you present, your audience can use their smartphones to view the current and completed slides, and refer back to them later.

Live audience engagement level - Check out how well your audience is engaging with your presentation. With the real-time engagement feature, you'll know whether you should adjust your delivery or content.

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