Attendee registration

Attendee Registration

Once you have created your session, the next steps are registration and invitations. Registration allows attendees to tell you ahead of time that they will be participating. Invitations provide attendees with the session information and a link to join.

Enable registration

Registration helps you plan your session by letting you know ahead of time how many people will be participating. If you don't enable registration, you will not know how many attendees will be participating in your session. However, attendees who haven’t registered can still join your session if you send them a link.

To enable registration:

  1. When you set up a session, fill in the necessary details.
  2. In the Registration section, registration for a session will be enabled by default. Select Copy mail invitation to send your attendees an invitation to join your session.

Invite attendees to join a session

You can invite attendees after you have created and enabled registration for the session. You will be able to invite attendees up until the end of your session. There are two ways to invite attendees to register for your session: by email and through social media.

  • Email Registration: Create an invitation containing your session details and send it to attendees by email.
  • Social Media Promotion: Copy and paste the registration invite to share on your website, blog, social media platform such as Facebook or LinkedIn, or any other platform.

Your attendees can participate in a session by registering for it. They will receive a mailed invitation or they will view it as a social media post. If registration is not enabled they can instantly connect via the join link.

If the session has already launched, the attendees will be redirected to the Yet to Begin screen after registration. When the trainer begins presenting they will be able to view the presentation slides. If the session is scheduled for a later date and time, they will receive an email with the link to join the session on the scheduled date and time.

If the session has not yet launched, but an attendee has registered and has not received an invitation, they can select Resend Invitation from the registration page. This will send a new email with the join link to their registered email.

Reminder email

Zoho ShowTime will notify your attendees before the scheduled session is about to begin.

Reminder emails are only sent for sessions that are scheduled and not launched immediately. For sessions scheduled to start very soon (in less than one hour), the reminder email will go out 10 minutes before the session's start time. For sessions scheduled to start later (after one hour or more), the reminder email will go out 30 minutes before the session's start time.

For instance, suppose it’s 3:00 right now. If you schedule a session that will start at 3:30, the reminder will be sent at 3:20. If you schedule a session that will start at 4:00 or later, the reminder will be sent at 3:30.

If a trainer launches a session before its scheduled start time, the reminder email will go out immediately.

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