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Zoho ShowTime

The single, holistic platform that helps you deliver all forms of training, including in-person sessions, remote training, and on-demand learning.

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Why people choose Zoho ShowTime over GoToTraining

ShowTime is designed with an intuitive UI, a compelling feature-set, and comes packed with robust integrations. That’s why it’s the best tool you can add to your training business. But that’s not all! ShowTime costs only a fraction of what you are paying for GoToTraining.

Zoho ShowTime
  • Features
  • Starts at$10/month$119/month
  • Most popular plan$35/month$179/month
  • Free Trial15 days7 days only
  • Live customer supportYesNo
  • CRM integrationIntegrated with Zoho CRMNo
  • Download requiredNo. Browser basedYes
  • Licenses offered per plan21
  • On-demand trainingUpload any materialPre-recorded sessions only
  • Broadcast a presentationYesNo
  • Recording upload limitNo such restriction500MB
  • One click share recordingYesNo
  • Inviting participantsURL and Invite Email editorURL sharing only
  • Registrant source trackingYesNo
  • Email campaign statsYesNo
  • Engagement analyticsComprehensiveBasic

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Other ShowTime features that help grow your training business

Revenue generation

Maximize the value of your training by charging for your sessions. You can configure a payment gateway, collect fees from your attendees, and process refunds when necessary.

Self-paced learning

Self-paced learning

Audiences in different time zones often struggle to get on the same schedule for online training sessions. Some people have to wake up early, others have to stay up late. To avoid these conflicts, you can simply create on-demand training recordings so that trainees can choose when to learn, based on what’s convenient.

Customer conversion

Zoho ShowTime is tightly integrated with our popular CRM app, Zoho CRM. This helps you invite contacts to your training sessions, manage leads, and make more conversions.

Personalized session settings

Personalized session settings

Conducting sales training isn’t the same as delivering a product demo. ShowTime lets you customize settings for each session type. You can also configure strong security standards for your sessions so that unwanted participants don't end up with critical insider information.

Automated team management

Bring your training team together within a single portal. Assign admin privileges, like delegating roles, assigning sessions, and adding co-presenters. Monitor team performance from wherever you are through a consolidated dashboard.

Automated team management

Compared to GoToTraining, ShowTime offers more bang for your buck. So, what are you waiting for?

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