Zoho ShowTime for schools and universities


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Educate. Engage. Empower.

Build a digital campus for your high school or university, deliver online classes for your students, and create a more collaborative learning experience for everyone.


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Transition seamlessly to a virtual environment

Set up your school

Move your institution entirely online. Just design your curriculum, upload your courses, invite your students, and launch your class.

Set up your school

Invite your faculty

Add all your teaching staff to ShowTime's digital campus and give them the freedom to manage and run their classes or lectures.

Invite your faculty

Schedule classes

Setting up a virtual classroom session is effortless in ShowTime. Schedule classes in advance or launch sessions instantly.

Schedule classes

Reach your students

Connect with hundreds of remote students per session—and give them the flexibility of attending classes from their mobile devices, if they don't have immediate access to their computers.

Reach your students
Set up your schoolInvite your facultySchedule classesReach your students

Engage with your students in real time

broad-castShare your screenWhiteboard

Broadcast yourself

Recreate a traditional classroom environment by broadcasting your audio and video right to your students' devices.


Share your screen and materials

Share your screen, publish presentations or interactive videos, and make remote learning a more enjoyable experience.

Share your screen

Illustrate your points

ShowTime's Whiteboard feature helps you explain difficult concepts, draw graphs, and solve equations just as you would on a chalkboard in a physical classroom.


Enrich the learning experience

Provide handouts

Help your students every step of the way by sharing additional study materials and ebooks for further reading. Offer the experience of a campus library through ShowTime.

Live polls

Quickly test your learners on new concepts by running polls. Based on the results, you can offer more personalized attention to those who need a little extra help.

Open communication

Equip your students to talk to you directly—no matter where they are—through personalized conversations with every individual.


Encourage your class to ask questions and get clarification instantly, ensuring everyone has a thorough understanding of concepts before moving on.


Facilitate meaningful discussions among peers with group and class chats. For students who aren't comfortable speaking in front of the class, you can also enable private chat rooms.


Record your virtual sessions, and then share them with students who were absent for the live class.

Deliver uninterrupted learning with Zoho ShowTime.


Deliver uninterrupted learning

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