Woztell improves lead nurturing and customer engagement with Zoho ShowTime

"ShowTime is very easy to use and perfectly meets the needs of participants and trainers. The tool offers a lot of flexibility and anyone from our pre-sales team could become a trainer in no time."

Jose Perez,
CEO of Woztell

About Woztell

Woztell is a software factory based in Spain that offers the ready-to-use integration of WhatsApp Business API with various business softwares, delivered via a SaaS model. This integration helps customers launch push notifications and messages to their clients through WhatsApp live chat plus use WhatsApp chatbots for increased engagement.

Woztell's challenges: Evangelizing their solution

A major challenge in engaging with leads for Woztell was the massive effort required to evangelize their solution. They realized that the most effective means to convert new clients was product demonstrations through webinars.

On the other hand, Woztell also needed to conduct training for other customer requirements, such as delivering the solution to a new client or highlighting a newly launched feature. When global leads started increasing from countries including India, Brazil, Mexico, and more, Woztell realized they needed to find a solution to better manage webinars and trainings.

"We initially chose GoToWebinar to stream our daily webinars. Later, we realized we needed an extensive platform that will help us automate registration process, provide lead nurturing options and analytics on attendee engagement. After evaluating different tools, we chose Zoho ShowTime,"

said Perez.

Why Woztell chose Zoho ShowTime:

  • Ability to host engaging virtual training
  • Option to create on-demand sessions
  • High level of integration with Zoho CRM
  • Availability of APIs to manage registrations received from other platforms

Improvement in customer engagement

Woztell receives leads from across the world who then request live product demos. As the number of demo requests increased, the team looked to ShowTime to help them optimize these trainings.


"We hosted 20 webinars per week on ShowTime with over 400 registrants. We also conducted training to our customers to help them set up our solution. We could easily upload our content on ShowTime's library. This helped everyone in our pre-sales team become trainers quickly. The speaker could broadcast presentations and share their screen for product demonstrations. After moving to ShowTime the number of participants we had in our webinars increased by 9x,"

said Perez.

Beyond just live interaction, the ability to run surveys and ShowTime's robust analytics gave them insight into whether or not their customers understood the key points of their solution.

Reaching more prospects through on-demand sessions

"In most cases, the lead does not want to wait for a live webinar or it may be that the lead has reached us during the weekend or at night. Offering a pre-recorded session is the best solution to feed such customer interest. We created on-demand sessions on ShowTime and the viewers could access the sessions at their convenience,"

said Perez.

Woztell's WhatsApp chatbot is in charge of proposing this solution to interested prospects, as well as facilitating access. After watching the webinar, the lead will be asked about their interest in having a call with a specialist, so there are never unattended leads. This closed the lead nurturing loop for Woztell and helped increase their sales revenue by 130%.

Effective lead nurturing

Woztell's marketing team understood the strong need to maintain customer interest until their participation in the webinar. More often than not, the registrants would fail to show up for the session. They also realized it was also important to reach the right set of prospects.

"ShowTime's integration with Zoho CRM provides the possibility of automating email invitations and WhatsApp notifications sent out to leads. The integration also allows us to see the participants details as a record in the CRM modules right after the session,"

said Perez.

With the help of ShowTime's comprehensive solution, Woztell manages customer relationships through impactful trainings and webinars.

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