Revise teaches 15,000 students virtually with Zoho ShowTime

"The best thing about ShowTime is that the tool is simple and easy to use, both for the teachers and the students. ShowTime's engagement features are better than Zoom, we could have a lot of interaction in our virtual classroom."

Carl Lynch, Teacher,
Revise- After School, Ireland

About Revise

Revise is an after-school program based in Ireland. Their study centres provide supervised study, grinds, and intensive revision courses to all secondary-level students for both Junior Cert and Leaving Cert Exams. The courses cover various subjects including maths, chemistry, languages, business, and many more. These extra classes help students become comfortable and improve academic performance.

What prompted a change in their education model

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Revise conducted classes by inviting students to a facility in Kilkenny county, where teaching and learning happened in a physical classroom. Once the country went into a lock down, Revise had to rethink their education model. They also had a long term vision to continue offering lessons to students, no matter where they're located. However, they did not want to tape their classes as tapes offer just one-way interaction—Revise believes in engaging with the students live. This paved the way to explore the virtual classroom model.

How Revise built a digital campus

While Revise began exploring options to conduct classes online, they found ShowTime was an apt remote teaching tool for their needs. 

“We had to reach a large number of students and we also wanted to have our teachers on one platform. With ShowTime, we could on-board 16 teachers all together. Our average class size was 150 students which could also be supported on ShowTime,”

Carl Lynch said.

Revise drew up a busy schedule of classes to kickstart their online teaching sessions, sorted a timetable based on the different subjects, and invited students to register. 

“We ran 125 online classes a week. We had 4 or 5 live classes running on ShowTime simultaneously. We also had few classes that were on-demand where we uploaded videos for students to watch and learn," 

Carl Lynch said.

Recreating a physical classroom

Once you move your teaching to a virtual environment, the first priority for the teacher is the compromise on student interaction. Teachers at Revise had similar doubts but the interactive features proved beneficial here.

“Our teachers loved the Questions feature. We could also personalize the Questions option which encouraged the students to raise doubts and then the questions flowed in. This indeed changed the dynamics of our classes. This is a challenge we could not address when we were holding classes in-person,"

said Carl Lynch.

Carl also mentioned the Polls feature -

“We could easily create and launch polls to assess students in the live class" 

Why students love learning via ShowTime

 Students attending the Revise's courses had to adjust to virtual learning, but did so quickly with little help and found it very easy to join classes on ShowTime.

“Our students love the ShowTime app as it is easy for them to attend online classes. They even rate it better than the Zoom app,”

said Carl Lynch

Even the students themselves had encouraging words to share: 

“ShowTime is a great app. It allows you to ask questions and interact while being able to concentrate on learning." 

And throughout their journey, Revise has felt supported by Zoho.  

“ShowTime's support team is excellent. We received timely support. Thanks to ShowTime, we could reach up to 15,000 students. I would definitely recommend ShowTime to other schools," 

Carl said.

After those motivating words from Carl, we have nothing more to add.

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