Qatar Cancer Society trains healthcare community virtually using Zoho ShowTime

"ShowTime is an interactive training tool. We love the ease of accessibility the product offers. There are interesting features in ShowTime that we could not find in other solutions. Our participants found it easy to use, too."

Dr. Hadi Mohamad Abu Rasheed, MD
Head of Professional Development and Scientific Research Department, Qatar Cancer Society

About Qatar Cancer Societyl

Qatar Cancer Society is a charitable organization, founded in 1997, that acts as a community platform to prevent cancer and reduce its burden in Qatar. The team of eminent medical professionals works with partners to educate the community as well as support and empower people living with the disease. They engage in professional development and scientific research in the field of cancer study.

Transforming their training model

Qatar Cancer Society conducts educational events and workshops for their healthcare personnel. Previously, these programs were organized by assembling all participants under one roof. However, this had to change when COVID-19 broke out. The team of expert trainers did not want to suspend the training initiative and decided to adopt a virtual training model instead.

"We tested various tools for our virtual training needs, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom. We settled with Zoho ShowTime as it offers exciting features like certificates and Zoho CRM integration, which we could not find in any other system,"

Taher Fawaz
Head of the IT department

Conducting professional development programs in healthcare is unlike other corporate learning events. The training involves doctors explaining complex medical processes and illustrating best practices. More importantly, the session also requires healthy interaction from the participants. A virtual training platform should facilitate such an interaction and help trainers and learners make the event successful.

"We initially started running two programs in a month using ShowTime. We conducted online workshops for cancer awareness promoters. We also hosted professional development training for physicians, nurses, and people in clinical healthcare to educate them on handling the patients with the disease. We had around 50 participants in each session, joining us from different parts of Qatar,"

said Dr. Hadi.

Recreating in-person engagement through ShowTime

Once the doctors and the learners were on-boarded to the virtual training model, the next step for the expert team was to ensure that their sessions remained as effective as they were face-to-face. Audience engagement features including having a co-trainer, chat, Q&A, and whiteboard that ShowTime offers enabled the presenters to simulate a real-time learning environment in the virtual classroom.

"I could use ShowTime's digital whiteboard to quickly draw a cancer cell and explain it to the audience. We could have a presenter and a moderator in our live session and they could seamlessly switch controls. The chat room for co-trainers made coordination a lot easier,"

said Dr. Hadi.

"Our participants found ShowTime very convenient. The tool gave them the flexibility to join the sessions from any device. They could speak to the presenter or even type their query in the chat box. Participants who are generally shy to ask questions in the open found the private chat room option empowering. This improved the quality of interaction,"

said Dr. Hadi.

Managing the participants and rewarding commitment

No learning program is complete until the trainer gets thorough feedback about the session and rewards the trainees for achieving the learning goals.

"The best part about ShowTime was the ability to issue certificates to the attendees right after the training. With the in-built Zoho CRM integration, we could export all the participants data to our CRM account. The relevant data helped us manage our customers better,"

Taher Fawaz said.

"I'm personally not going back to the face-to-face model, because ShowTime makes virtual training easy,"

said Dr. Hadi.

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