Zoho Show for Jira

Create, collaborate and manage presentations right within Jira‌.

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Project insights in an instant

Configure Jira issues to your slides

Blend multiple project information into a single workspace by imparting Jira cards to your slideshows and:

  • Get a complete picture of the project status at a glance.
  • Analyse tasks assigned to individuals instantly.
  • Drill deep into the project issues with ease.

Extend your reporting capabilities

‌With Show's advanced features like charts, infographics and smart widgets, make your reports more valuable. 

Sync on the go Changes reflected instantly

Save time from tedious data collection process. Just click sync whenever a change is made in Jira and see them reflected instantly on your slides.

Work better, together

Collaborate on slides in real time with your team, exchange ideas by adding comments to any slides, and get feedback instantly to improve your presentations.

Effortless sharing

Share presentations with internal teams or external clients in a click. Also, export reports as PDF. 


Import PowerPoint files without hassle

Teams can also import PPT/PPTX files and start working on them without worrying about formatting issues.

Presentation tool for all your project needs

Zoho Show for Jira is specifically crafted for teams to communicate project information through presentations right from their project space.