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1. What is Zoho Show?

Zoho Show is an online-presentation tool that can be used by anyone with a Zoho account. You can use Zoho Show to create presentations and access them from anywhere using a browser and an Internet connection.

2. Is Zoho Show operating-system dependent?

No, Zoho Show is not dependent on any one operating system. However, it is browser dependent.

3. What are the browsers that are supported by Zoho Show?

Zoho Show can be accessed using Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9, Chrome, Firefox, Opera.

4. What are the advantages of using Zoho Show over desktop-based presentation tools?

The main advantage of using Zoho Show over desktop-based presentation tools is that you can access your presentations from anywhere using a browser and an internet connection. If you are working on a presentation with more than one person, you can use Zoho Show’s real-time collaboration feature. This feature allows more than one person to edit a presentation simultaneously.

5. I have some unanswered questions. How do I get in touch with the support team of Zoho Show?

You can contact the support team of Zoho Show in the following ways: E-mail us at /
Post your queries in our forum

6. Can I create a presentation from scratch in Zoho Show?

Yes, you can. Zoho Show offers a full-fledged presentation editor with lot of standard presentation features like text formatting, background themes, transitions and animations, clipart.

7. Do I need to pay for using Zoho Show? Is Zoho Show completely free?

Zoho Show is in Beta now and is completely free. We plan to have a free version for personal use. Zoho Show, as part of Zoho Business Premium Editions will be affordable priced.

1. If I am using existing Zoho products, do I have to create a new account to use Zoho Show?

If you are using other Zoho products and have a valid account, you do not need to create a new account to use Zoho Show.

2. Do I have to create a new account to use Zoho Show or can I login using my Gmail account to login?

Yes. You can login with your Gmail account

1. Can I save presentations that I create in Zoho Show on my computer?

No, currently you cannot save presentations that you create in Zoho Show on your computer.

2. Can I upload my existing presentations to Zoho Show? What file formats do you support?

Yes, you can upload your existing presentations into Zoho Show. Zoho Show supports the following file formats: .ppt .pps .odp .sxi .ppts .ppsx

3. Are there any upload or import limits in Zoho Show?

Each presentation that you upload or import into Zoho Show should be less than 30 MB in size. There is no limit for the number of presentations that you can import into Zoho Show.

4. Can I delete my presentations?

Yes, you can. Deleting a presentation sends it to the Trashed Presentations folder. You can delete the presentation from this folder. You also have an option that allows you to restore a presentation that is in the Trashed Presentations folder.

5. Can I make a remote presentation (like a webinar where I present and my audience from around the world see it)?

Yes, Zoho Show allows you to make a presentation remotely. Use the Remote button on the Zoho Show toolbar to enter the e-mail addresses of the people who you want to make the presentation to. An e-mail message, containing a link, will be sent to them. They can use this link to join your presentation. The presenter will have complete control over the presentation.

6. When I make changes in a presentation that is already published, do I have to re-publish the presentation?

When you make changes to a presentation that has been published, you do not have to re-publish it if you have checked the Automatically re-publish when the document is modified checkbox.

7. Can I print a presentation created using Zoho Show?

Yes, you can print a presentation that you create using Zoho Show.

8. Can I add notes to my presentation?

Yes, you can add notes to your presentation. These notes will only be visible to the person who is making the presentation.

9. Can an existing presentation be edited? Can slides be inserted, duplicated or deleted in an existing presentation?

Zoho Show offers the full range of editing capabilities. All of your presentations can be edited. New slides can be inserted, existing slides can be edited and duplicated. Text boxes can be moved around, shapes & symbols can be resized and rotated.

1. What text formatting options does Zoho Show offer?

Zoho Show offers a variety of text-formatting options. You can make text bold, italicize it, change the type of font used, increase or decrease the font size and indent text. You can also use text boxes that can be moved around using the drag and drop option.

2. Can I include bulleted and numbered lists in my presentation?

Yes, you can include bulleted and numbered lists in your presentation. Zoho Show has a list of bullet and number styles that you can use in your presentation.
Masters and Layout

1. Do you have Master support? How to access it?

Yes, we do have Master slides that you can use while creating your presentations. You can access it by clicking on View > Master.

2. How to add a shape or an image (logo) to all the slides in my presentations?

You can add a shape or an image (logo) to all the slides in your presentation by inserting it in the Master slide of your presentation. This shape will automatically be inserted in all the slides of your presentation.

3. How to apply common styles for my presentation; say for example, fonts should look the same throughout the presentation?

While creating your presentation, to ensure that the fonts used are consistent throughout the presentation, go to the Master slide and specify the fonts you want to use. The fonts will be synchronized automatically in all the slides in your presentation.

4. In Bullets and Numbering, what is the maximum level supported? How to apply styles for each of these levels?

In the bullets and numbering feature 5 levels are supported. You can change the style for each level from the master slide.

5. How to position my title text?

In master view, the placeholders can be used to position your title text.

6. Is it possible to create a new layout?

Yes, it is possible to create a new layout.

7. Is it possible to create a new master?

As of now, Zoho Show does not allow you to create a new master. However, this feature will be made available soon.

8. What is a placeholder?

The dotted boxes with text in them that are available on each slide are called placeholders. You can edit the text in the place holder.

9. What are the different types of placeholder supported?

The different types of placeholder supported are Content, Text and Picture.

10. Can I edit the placeholder text in the Master slide?

Placeholder text in the master slide cannot be edited. A placeholder holds and controls the text characters such as font, size, case, color, positioning, spacing that gets applied globally to the other slides. To edit the text, one should go to the normal view and do the necessary changes to the text in the specific slide.

11. How to add a common background to my slides?

To add a common background to the slides in your presentation, follow the steps given below: a. Click the View tab b. Select Master c. Click the Design tab d. In the Styles dropdown box, select a background type Note: These are the default background types. For more background types or to customize the background color right-click on any part of the Master slide and choose Format Background. You have added a background to the Master Slide and this will be applied to all the slides in your presentation.

1. How to create a slide using a different layout?

Click on Layout on the Slide tab-menu. Select the layout you wish to apply to the slide.

2. How to change the layout in an existing slide?

To change the layout of an existing slide, click on Layout on the Slide tab-menu option. Select the layout you want to apply to the existing slide.

3. Can I copy a slide and paste it in a different presentation?

Yes, you can copy a slide from one presentation and paste it in another presentation.

4. Do you support slide transitions?

Yes, we do support slide transitions.

5. How to reorder slides?

You can reorder slides using the Slide Sorter view or from outline of slides in the Normal view.

6. Can I select multiples slides and do operations like Delete, Copy, and Paste?

No, you cannot select multiple slides to complete tasks like Copy Paste and Delete.

7. Can I hide a slide?

1. Yes, you can hide a slide. In fact, you can customize slideshows by selecting specific slides from your presentation and present it.
Shape and Image Editing

1. What are the formatting options available for shapes?

The formatting options available for shapes include: a. Resizing, rotating and moving shapes b. Filling shapes c. Adding outlines d. Add shadows and reflections e. Change the size and position of shapes f. Add text boxes

2. How to insert an image?

You can insert images from your computer, Web URL, image library, Picasa and Flickr. To insert an image in your presentation, follow the steps given below: a. On the Insert tab-menu option, click Image b. Select the location from which you want to insert the images c. Choose a file
Note: If you want to add the image to the Image Library, check the Add to Library checkbox.
d. Click Insert You have inserted an image into your presentation.

3. Can I modify the inserted image?

Yes, you can modify images that are in your presentation. The modifications that you can make are as follows: a. Resize, rotate and move images b. Add borders c. Add shadows or reflections d. Crop images e. Change the size and position of images f. Modify the brightness and contrast g. Recolor pictures

4. Can I crop an image? If so, how?

Yes, you can crop an image. To crop an image, follow the steps given below: a. Select the image that you want to crop b. Click the Format tab c. In the Adjust Image section, click Crop d. Drag the sizing nodes, as required e. Click outside the picture to crop

5. I have applied some properties in my shape? How do I reset the properties?

To reset the properties, select the shape, right click and choose Format Shape, now apply the changes you want to do in the selected shape.

6. Can I copy a shape/image and paste it in a different presentation?

Yes, you can copy a shape or an image and paste it into another presentation.

7. 7. Can shapes/flowcharts be inserted/created?

Yes. Zoho Show has a wide variety of shapes & symbols from which you can choose from.
Transitions and Animations

1. Can I have transitional effects between slides?

Yes, you can have transitional effects between slides. Zoho Show provides you a wide choice of transitional effects from which you can choose.

2. Does Zoho Show support animation, video and sound?

Yes, Zoho Show supports animation of text and images. You can embed video/audio files. For instance, you can embed videos form You Tube.
Sharing and Collaborating

1. Can everyone view or access presentations that I create with or import into Zoho Show presentations? Can I share my presentations with specific people?

The presentations that you create or import into Zoho Show are private by default. Only you can access the presentations using your Zoho ID and password.

However, if you want to share your presentations, Zoho Show allows you to share your presentations with:

* Specific people* Public

Only the presentations that are made public are viewable by everyone.

2. What is the difference between a public and private presentation?

A public presentation is a presentation that can be viewed by everyone. This presentation will also be available on the Web site of Zoho Show. A private presentation is a presentation that is shared with a selected audience. This can only be viewed by the people it is shared with.

1. What is broadcasting a presentation?

With Zoho Show, you can share your presentation anywhere and anytime. You need not be physically present in the room to deliver a presentation. You can invite the participants to attend your presentation from remote. The participants will be able to view the presentation and interact live. As a presenter, you will still have complete control over the presentation.

2. Does Zoho Show allow me to chat online with my audience while broadcasting a presentation?

Yes, you can chat live with your audience during a remote presentation. Zoho Show’s powerful messaging framework helps you to get feedback instantly from your customers, colleagues, team members or peers, thereby promoting real-time interaction.

3. I'm going to present at a meeting hall where there is no or limited net connectivity. Can I use Zoho Show there?

No, you cannot use Zoho Show when there is no or limited Internet connectivity.

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