Why choose Zoho Show for class assignments?

Easy-to-edit templates

Customizable tables and charts

Multiple add-ons

Real-time collaboration

Robust mobile apps

Create compelling projects

Whether you're presenting a research project, showcasing your photography skills, or reporting on a science experiment, Show has a wide range of templates that can be customized to your needs.

Build flowcharts using shapes

Modify shapes using Edit Points to build your own flowcharts, objects, and other visual elements for your slide.

Enrich your slides with media

Get access to thousands of royalty-free visuals by visiting the Add-On Store. Add media files to your slide without switching tabs or exiting your presentation.

Collaborate with other students

Seamlessly share files with your team and work together in real time. Collaborate on your group projects and assignments without the fear of your content being overwritten with the Lock slides feature.

Showcase data with charts

Organize your data with tables and use charts to interpret it all. Edit and modify every element of your charts to get your desired look for your project.

Enliven your slides with animations

Complement crucial data with animations. Animate important elements, like your charts and graphs, to bring focus to important numbers.

Create impressive presentations for your class projects