Onboard, engage, empower.

Whether you're onboarding new employees, announcing policy changes, or unveiling new organization charts, make your HR slides engaging and easy to understand with Zoho Show.

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Why Choose Zoho Show for HR presentations?

Consistent slide templates across your organization

Real-time collaboration

Customizable access permissions

Seamless file-sharing

Robust mobile apps

Secure and reliable

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onboarding Process onboarding Process

Make employee onboarding memorable

Get your new hires to get up and running in no time with a positive start. Create presentations that resonates company objectives, communicate ideas effortlessly, and make your hires feel special right from day one.

Choose Various themes
Information about the Employee Information about the Employee

Eliminate information silos

Ensure all of your employees are up-to-date with the latest information about the company, such as policy changes, announcements, employee updates, and more.

build your workplace build your workspace

Build an inclusive workplace

Draft effective employee development plans, ensure their goals are inline with the company's vision, and bring the best out of them every single time.

customise workplace themes

Share and Assign user permissions

Whenever you share sensitive information or an announcement within the company, Show allows you to secure your slides with customizable user permissions to avoid unauthorized access or edits.

manage user permission
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Make your HR slides engaging and easy to understand