Slides, stories, and ideas to inspire.

Zoho Show for Confluence

Create, collaborate, and deliver presentations, all within Confluence.

Bring everyone together in one place

Confluence is an open, shared workspace designed to get the best out of teams. Adding Zoho Show to the mix gives you new ways to get your message across.

For Authors

Publish visually appealing pages rather than ones with just static text or images. Grab reader attention - visually recreate your ideas using Show’s rich elements - charts, tables , smart elements and tell a powerful story with animations.


For Teams

Show complements Confluence by bringing collaboration to the presentation design process. Work together in real time, and leave your feedback in comments on each slide. All within the Confluence ecosystem. No need to switch between apps!

For Admins

Show For Confluence works hand-in-hand with Confluence’s Authentication and Authorization protocols , thus enabling the user to manage all content within one single account.

Show for Admins

Crafted for every team


Build slide decks and marketing templates that reflect your company ethos. Design master slides with relevant elements, colors, and logos to ensure uniformity across all marketing collateral. Tell a story that resonates with your brand.


Publish your policies and reports in an engaging way. With the Zoho Show add-on for Confluence, your HR team can create a space to store presentations and share company policies with employees giving them 'read only' access.


Have an unexpected client meeting? With Zoho Show, your sales team can instantly collaborate to create a slide deck in a matter of minutes. Use Show's many data visualization tools—like charts, tables, smart elements, free draw, and path animations—to create engrossing slides that make an impact.


Zoho Show makes it easier for finance professionals to manage data on Confluence, set up workflows, communicate in real time, and share results consistently and quickly.

Make your Confluence data engaging, easy to understand, and memorable with Zoho Show.