Zoho Show: Audio & Video Support?

Zoho Show | July 22, 2006 | 1 min read

Does Zoho Show have audio/video support? My answer would be YES.

While it is not straight forward as we’d like, you still can insert audio/video clips into your presentations created in Zoho Show. Let me explain.

The addition of a new feature – Insert HTML – in Zoho Show gives some really cool abilities inside presentations. You can use this feature to insert Audio and Video. Here is a sample presentation to demonstrate this.

There are quite a few sites out there to hold your audio/video files and they also provide code to embed these files in other sites. You can use those sites to upload your files and the code they provide to insert audio/video files can be used in Zoho Show. For audio files, I like Odeo (Odeo Studio lets your upload/create/link audio) and for Video, I use YouTube. You can upload your existing files in to odeo/youtube and copy the code for embedding these files, then click on ‘Insert HTML’ icon  in Zoho Show and paste the code. This should insert audio/video player in whatever slide you need this. Here are couple of screenshots…



Thats simple right? Beleive me, you can do magic using this -Insert HTML- feature.

More later….


  1. Juan Cutti

    Estimados amigos hasta el momento no puedo insertar audio en Zohoi Show . el sitio ODEo ya no existe. Les agradecería cómo puedo subir audio en Zoho Show urgente!!!!

  2. paige.a.neely

    Its not working.. I pasted the video and nothing shows up

  3. paige.a.neely

    Its not working.. I pasted the video and nothing shows up