Introducing Zoho Office for Microsoft SharePoint

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Zoho is primarily about working online. We have a great set of online
productivity apps which businesses find extremely useful for
collaboration. Microsoft SharePoint is ubiquitous in enterprises for
content management, but it lacks several advantages that cloud
applications like Zoho enjoy.

Today we are pleased to announce Zoho Office for Microsoft SharePoint that brings the advantages of Zoho online productivity applications to ubiquitous Microsoft SharePoint.

Zoho Office for Microsoft SharePoint extends the value of Microsoft
SharePoint by allowing users to create new documents using Zoho’s
office suite and then save them directly to SharePoint in Microsoft
Office supported formats. Users can view or edit existing documents,
spreadsheets and presentations using Zoho Writer, Sheet & Show and
save them back to SharePoint.

This video gives a good overview of this add-on.

Installation video is available here. As Zoho applications are served
from the cloud, you don’t need any installations on desktops to
create/view/edit documents. Once you install the add-on for SharePoint
server, you can be more productive with just your browser.

Zoho Collaboration on Microsoft SharePoint

Apart from providing editing capability for existing documents, the
add-on also provides collaborative editing functionality. Based on
sharing permissions already defined in SharePoint, multiple users can
collaboratively work on documents/spreadsheets/presentations in real-time.
This feature basically brings one of the key advantages of an online
office suite to SharePoint.

While collaboratively editing documents, you can also chat with other members using our integrated Zoho Chat.

Data Behind your Firewall

Along with small and medium businesses, we see a good percentage of
departments in larger organizations using our productivity apps for
collaboration. There are  businesses which prefer keeping their
data behind the enterprise firewall. For such organizations, this new
add-on brings in the best of both worlds – Collaboration capabilities
of an online application while keeping the data behind your firewall.

If you have SharePoint installed in your intranet behind your corporate
firewall, you still will be able to view/edit documents using our
online applications. After changes, your documents are saved back to
your SharePoint server behind your corporate firewall leaving no data
on Zoho Servers.

When you open the document, a copy is transferred temporarily to Zoho
servers securely. When the document is closed, it is permanently
deleted from our servers immediately leaving no data on our side.

Pricing & Availability

Starting today, this add-on is available for Microsoft SharePoint 2007
and 2003 versions. You can try the 30 day evaluation version for
unlimited users. After the trial period, it costs $2/user/month on an
yearly subscription or $3/user/month for monthly subscription.

If you have already invested in Microsoft SharePoint, this add-on is a
great compliment that brings in the advantages of online productivity
applications to SharePoint. If you are able to access SharePoint,
you’ll be able to view/edit documents without having to invest on
productivity suites for every desktop in your business.

Additional information is available @

Please do give it a try and let us know what you think. 


Microsoft, SharePoint are either registered trademarks
or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or
other countries. ZOHO Corp is not affiliated or endorsed by Microsoft

NTT Com's Online Business Offering includes Zoho's Apps in Japan

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Japan’s NTT Communications (NTT Com) unveiled their first foray into Cloud through a concept called “Setten” in Japan starting with a suite of applications for businesses. We are very excited to announce that some of Zoho’s Applications are included as part of NTT Com’s offerings.

NTT Communications is one of the largest telecommunications company in Japan and they are unveiling their cloud concept ‘Setten’ offering virtual office environment with a suite of online applications. To
start with, the offering will include

  • Email Application (Based on Zoho Mail)
  • Office Suite (Zoho Writer, Sheet & Show)
  • Virtual Desktop for PC/Mobile
  • Business Goo (a Groupware from NTT Resonant)
  • Online Storage

This online offering will also provide the capability to integrate with customer’s internal/in-house web applications including Mail & File servers. The offering also supports multiple authentications (ID/PW, IC Card, one time password). NTT Com also plans to open up the APIs for the suite.

Initially, this offering will be available to 15 selected companies in Japan. The
applications offered through this suite will expand as the suite matures over time. This offering will enter the commercial phase this fiscal year in 2009.

While Zoho Applications are offered as individual applications, they are also
integrated with NTT Com’s File Explorer. The mail applications is also integrated with their Address Book application providing seamless user experience through out the suite.

Zoho: The Deployment Model

Interesting part to notice in this case is that the Zoho Applications are not served from Zoho’s data centers in US. Instead, Zoho applications are deployed in NTT Com’s data centers. Zoho provides frequent updates to these applications. For larger companies as well as service providers, we do offer an on-site deployment option of Zoho Apps within their data centers. This gives them better control over the infrastructure and data.

This custom deployment model is not new as we have done this earlier with Baihui in China offering Zoho Apps in Chinese market. For Baihui, the Zoho Apps are deployed in Baihui’s data centers within China to serve the local market. With NTT Com offering Zoho Apps as part of their integrated online suite for businesses, Zoho applications will be served from NTT Com’s data centers.

At Zoho, we have seen some good interest from carriers across the world. We think Cloud Apps can complement very well with the offerings from carriers. Cloud Applications combined with the local deployment model is a great win-win situation for both cloud vendors as well as carriers.

NTT Communication’s Press Release

Here is the press release.

Introducing Zoho Mobile

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Zoho MobileOver the past year or two we have had some initiatives on mobile capabilities for selected Zoho applications. With Zoho Mobile, we are aggregating all our previous initiatives with consistent user interface and extending it to multiple applications and mobile

Zoho Mobile can be accessed from your favorite smart phone @ (or to keep it short). In the current version of Zoho Mobile, the following applications are

  • Zoho Mail
  • Zoho Calendar
  • Zoho Writer
  • Zoho Sheet
  • Zoho Show
  • Zoho Creator

These browser-based applications come with a consistent user interface across multiple mobile platforms. We currently support the following mobile platforms.

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • Windows Mobile &
  • Symbian (S60 Platform)

We certainly plan to expand the coverage to other platforms like Palm moving forward. Also, the applications we support on these platforms will be expanded further as some of our Business applications make
their way into Zoho Mobile. We also have plans to offer some native applications for selected platforms under Zoho Mobile.

Zoho Mobile is also localized to Japanese. We plan to make this available in additional languages soon.

Do give Zoho Mobile a try from your mobile phone and let us know your feedback.

'Open IT Online' for Internet Explorer

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Open IT Online, the nice Firefox extension which allowed you to open/edit web documents, images directly on the browser is now available for Internet Explorer as well. Open IT Online uses Zoho’s Remote API as one of the options for opening Word, Excel, PowerPoint files. Below’s a screenshot of a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet on the web being opened directly in Zoho Sheet. Previously, you would have to download it to the desktop, open it using MS Office or OpenOffice.

Similarly, Microsoft Word & PowerPoint files on the net are opened using Zoho Writer & Zoho Show respectively. Try Open IT Online in Firefox, Flock or IE now.

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How-To : Using the ‘Master View’ Template Options in Zoho Show

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Typically, organizations and businesses have pre-designed templates. Let’s see how Zoho Show helps you create a custom template that you can use for your business presentations.

Create a New presentation in Zoho Show. Click on the Slide View menu and you will see the Master View option in the drop-down list. Choosing this view will let you customize your slide properties.

Font type & size
You can customize the way you want the text font & size in both the title and the inner slides. And where you want to put your title text, whether you want it center or left aligned etc.

Inserting Images
You can insert images like say, your company logo to the Title & Slide Master. And this will automatically get reflected in all slides of your presentation.

Background theme
The background theme can be changed from the ones that come with Zoho Show by default. Right click on the background theme and click on Delete Object. The background becomes blank. You can insert a Shape, make it as the background, right-click on it and change its Properties like different pre-set color variations and gradient effects.

Click on More -> Add Footer. You can insert slide number, date & time and also add a short footer message.

Once the master layout has been customized, you can have it saved. You can re-use this for making your presentations by using the Save As option (creating duplicates of the template you created).

Hope that helps you design your next unique business presentation. Try Zoho Show now.

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‘Open IT Online’ integrates Zoho

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Open IT Online is a Firefox extension that allows to open and edit documents and images from everywhere. Thanks to this extension, you will be able to open several types of documents directly in Firefox using online services (such as Zoho) without needing any software to be installed. In other words, it adds an option to your Firefox “Open With” dialog to let you open Word documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more file types in the Zoho suite, Google Docs, ThinkFree Viewer & others. You can configure defaults for every file type – nice and convenient for fans of online editing. Open IT Online is a free download and it works wherever Firefox 2 or 3 does.

Here’s more screenshots & a nice video of how to use Open IT Online to view documents online with Zoho. Install the Open IT Online Firefox add-on to view/edit files directly online without downloading them.