Hassle-free attendance management

  • Mobile Clock in

    Mobile Clock in

    Get rid of chaotic paper timesheets. Your employees can now clock in/out of work right from their devices and thus creating accurate digital timesheets.

  • Time clock software for any device

    Time clock software for any device

    You can turn any device - tablet or smartphone into an employee time clock. Your remote or off-site employees can clock in/out from their devices anytime and you will receive their attendance data instantly.

Effortlessly Manage Timesheets

Real-time attendance

Employees can start and end work shifts with our time tracking app. You can get a real-time update on who’s on the shift or on break or late to work.

Real-time attendance Real-time attendance Real-time attendance
Track labour costs Track labour costs Track labour costs

Track labour costs

To ensure your employees are working on budgets, you can now compare scheduled hours with actual hours with our time tracking software.

Edit timesheets

You can edit clock in/out timings, change location, add shift notes and verify timesheets before you export it to payroll.

Edit timesheets Edit timesheets Edit timesheets

Payroll streamlined

  • Wage Compliance

    Wage Compliance

    You can now calculate wages for each employee according to your labour laws, including overtime pay with our timesheet software.

  • Customise Pay periods

    Customise Pay periods

    You can set up your pay periods as per your organisation needs. You can now process your payroll weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly or monthly.


Payroll export

You can customise different pay rates based on each employee designation, review the timesheets and export accurate data to payroll seamlessly with a click.