A perfect blend of collaboration and data analysis

How Zoho Sheet compares with Google Sheets

  • Features

    Zoho Sheet

    Google Sheets

  • Real-time collaboration



  • Commenting on cells


    (Cell- and range-level)


    (Only cell-level)

  • User specific cell lock



  • Automatic versioning



  • Edit history


    (Cell/range, user, and date specific)


    (Cell-specific only)

  • Turn on/off collaboration



  • Spreadsheet functions



  • Custom functions




    (App Script)

  • Charts



  • Conditional formatting


    (single-color, color scales, and icon sets)


    (single-color and color scales)

  • Pivot tables



  • Tables


    Has only formatting

  • Publish and embed



  • AI-powered insights



  • Smart data cleaning tool


    (Duplicates, inconsistencies, and missing values removal)


    (Only duplicates removal)

  • Macros (write and record)


    App Script

  • Group row/column



  • Hide row/column/sheet



  • In-cell image



  • Mobile apps



  • Data from Picture (In mobile apps)



  • Integrated web forms



  • Offline Support



  • Remote and Data APIs



You can also import all your Excel and Google spreadsheet files in your Google Drive account directly from Zoho Sheet.