We recently added the ability to view remote xls files online using Zoho Sheet. You can now view through your browser, any excel file / openoffice calc files residing on your servers via Zoho Sheet. No need to have MS Excel installed on your machines to just view an excel. Use the following URL / REST APIs for the Online Excel Viewer:

For viewing a remote spreadsheet, use the following URL:

For saving a remote spreadsheet to your Zoho Sheet account, use the following URL:

For example:

This would be pretty handy when there are many excel files on your website and you want your visitors to view those files online. You can just link the URL of your xls file to Zoho Sheet as above.

We will soon put an user-friendly page for this feature. Keep posting your suggestions and feedback.


  1. Sheetal

    It is great tool but it is showing Signup popup again and again. Can we rid from it?