Import Google Docs into Zoho’s Productivity Suite

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Last year we’d integrated Google Docs with our popular business apps Zoho CRM, Projects etc., Our users loved this new initiative and came up with some excellent suggestions on further enhancements. The most popular requests was to provide an option to import their documents from Google docs into our productivity apps.

We’re happy to announce that you can now import your documents, excel sheets, presentations from Google Docs into Zoho Writer, Sheet, Show.

Zoho Sheet has been supporting spreadsheets with 1 million cells for quite sometime now. So if your spreadsheet at Google docs is that big you can import it into Zoho Sheet and get on with editing it.

Here is the comparison view of a sample 2 MB spreadsheet in Google Docs and Zoho Sheet:

If you’re a Google user and would like to try out Zoho, you can sign in with your Google Credentials and import your existing Google documents.

As always we value your feedback and if you’ve any questions please post it here. We’re all ears!

New File menu in Zoho Sheet and IE 9 support

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If you are a regular user of

Zoho Sheet
 and you sign in to Zoho Sheet today, the very first thing you will notice is that the sidebar on the left, which lists your files, is closed by default. You will also notice a new File menu on the toolbar. File related operations such as New, Open, Save, Print, Import, Export, Version, etc., can be accessed through this menu. 

There are 2 main reasons for this change. 

  1. You get more space for your spreadsheet. 
  2. We are inching towards a consistent user experience across Writer, Sheet and Show. Zoho Writer already has this File menu.
Here is a video depicting the most common usage of the File menu and the sidebar. More details available at

Another addition in this release is the basic support for the Internet Explorer 9 beta web browser. Except Macros and Pivot Tables, the rest of the spreadsheet functionality is supported on IE 9. The unsupported features will be supported in the upcoming updates.

Let us know what you think about these changes.

We now have an official product page for Zoho Sheet on Facebook. Join us at

You can follow @zohosheet on Twitter as well.

How the UK Govt and a Wildlife Reserve are using Zoho Sheet

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With this post, we’d like to showcase two completely distinct but interesting ways in which Zoho Sheet is being used.


Uses Zoho Sheet’s

Online Viewer API
to open public spreadsheet files on the browser.
The UK government had opened up its data for other people to re-use. This is only about non-personal, non-sensitive data – information like the list of schools, crime rates or the performance of your council.
is the first step in creating a network of re-useable government data. It is a key part of the UK Government’s work on Transparency which is being lead by the Transparency Board.
You will find over 5,400 public datasets about how governments spends money. Most of these are in the form of CSV and XLS files. This website uses Zoho Sheet’s 

Online Viewer API
to allow viewing these public spreadsheet files on your browser. Here is an example. Click on the image to go to that website.
When you view these public spreadsheets using Zoho’s editor, you can optionally save the spreadsheet to your Zoho account and do further analysis on the data such as creating Pivot Tables, drawing Charts, using the 350+ formulas available with us, etc. 

2. Darley & Nutwood Local Nature Reserve
Uses Zoho Sheet to create spreadsheets of wildlife registers and publish these spreadsheets online for everyone to see.
maintains wildlife registers on Zoho Sheet. This includes sighting of rare and uncommon species of birds, mammals, insects and plants. They are a small group of people from all walks of life having one thing in common: To study and protect wildlife.
Nutwood is a small area north of the city of Derby in central England and it has been designated as a Local Nature Reserve by Natural England. It is owned by Derby City Council who have commissioned the Wildlife Trust to produce a Management Plan recommending actions between 2007 and 2011. A Management Group has been formed several years ago to administer this plan and much has been achieved.
From their website:

If you are a Wildlife Enthusiast, if you are interested in birds, mammals, insects or plants, whether you are a beginner or know quite a lot about it, this may interest you. We have a very small group of dedicated enthusiasts constantly watching and monitoring aspects of the wildlife in our Nature Reserve. I hope you’ve been able to look at our wildlife registers on this site which will give you an idea of what we are trying to do.

We are looking towards expanding the group by getting dedicated local people involved, particularly dealing with insects and plant life on the Reserve. You would not be committed to a particular work program and we would encourage people to develop their own approach with advice and support from the Management Group. You could devote as much or as little time as you wish. Be a wildlife enthusiast!
Zoho Sheet is used to maintain the online wildlife registers. These spreadsheets are then published so that they are available on a public URL and accessible to everyone on the internet. Here is a screenshot of part of the spreadsheet. Click on the image to view the Birds Register spreadsheet on Zoho.

How are you using Zoho Sheet? Do share your story with us by posting a topic at
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Zoho Apps on Chrome Web Store

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For users looking to use Zoho Apps on Chrome OS, we started adding our apps to Chrome Web Store. For now, three Zoho Apps are listed in Chrome Web Store – Zoho Writer, Sheet & Show

Once  you install the apps, you will see them listed under the Apps section with our new product icons.

We plan to include all Zoho Apps in Chrome Web Store. What are the apps you want to see immediately?

Two useful mouse techniques for your spreadsheets!

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After a marathon effort to load a million cells spreadsheet in Zoho Sheet, we are onto a sprint mode. A lot of exciting and nitty-gritty features are in the making. Meanwhile, we’ve added a couple of features that can make you more efficient.

Drag-n-Drop cells:

We have now made it possible to do cut-n-paste actions using your mouse. 

To move a cell or contiguous range of cells, select it and position your mouse over the selection outline. The mouse cursor will change to “move” pointer . Now drag the selection by holding down the mouse button. Once you reach the target cell, release the button in order to paste the content.

Similarly, to copy a cell or range, hold down the CTRL key either before you start or as you drag the selection.

At any point of time while dragging, if you need to cancel the operation, just press ESC key. 

Cell references to other worksheets in the same workbook:

We already support referring cells from other worksheets within the same workbook using the syntax


). But in cases where the formula has cell ranges referred from various worksheets, it becomes really tedious to type the entire formula in one go.

Now, you can directly open the corresponding worksheet by clicking on its tab present at the bottom and select the cell(s) while typing the formula. Once you select a cell or range of cells on a different worksheet, you can press the ENTER key to submit the formula or type an operator and continue the formula.

More details about the latest update here.

Zoho Sheet 2.0 supports Million Cell Spreadsheets, additional browsers & more

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Every year, we push out hundreds of updates to our applications. Some small, some large, some that stand out and some that go under the hood. A good percentage of our updates go under the hood. For such updates, users may not notice anything visually, but they are significant and lay out a solid foundation for things to come in the future. One such updates is now rolled out in Zoho Sheet.

When you login to Zoho Sheet, you may not notice any change visually. But a lot has changed recently at the backend. If you use the app frequently, you will very much notice the difference. I am talking primarily about performance of the app. We changed the backend engine to significantly improve the performance. Zoho Sheet can now load large spreadsheets with great response times.

Million Cell Spreadsheet

For the first time, you can create a million cell spreadsheet in Zoho Sheet. If you ever played with large spreadsheets, you probably are familiar with constant freezes and consumption of local resources. As Zoho Sheet is completely online, all the heavy lifting is done on the server side keeping the client side very lite.

With this update, Zoho Sheet supports up to 65,536 rows and 256 columns per worksheet subject to a maximum of 1 Million Cells per workbook. Supporting million cells is just one part. But maintaining fast load-times with large spreadsheets is another. You no longer have to wait for 5 minutes to load such a large spreadsheet. You can now do it in a snap on your browser. Want to see how the response is? Here are a

few examples

. Here is a

spreadsheet with 50K rows
. In fact, this spreadsheet also has Pivot tables and charts. Also try the Pixel Art spreadsheets. I encourage you to try loading these spreadsheets in other apps to notice the difference.

Here is a spreadsheet with

25K rows
, embedded.

Apart from performance improvements, there are a few other goodies.

Chrome & Safari Support

Zoho Sheet now officially supports Chrome 4+ and Safari 4+ in addition to Firefox 2+ and IE 6+.

Additional Improvements

  • You can now directly input Chinese, Japanese & Korean characters into a cell without having to double-click on a cell
  • Improved the Find functionality. Control+F will now invoke the ‘Find’ panel at the bottom of the spreadsheet with options to search within the sheet, row or column
  • The Undo and Redo actions now work across sheet and are maintained on a per-user basis while collaborating with other users
  • Users can now set styles and formats on a column, row, and sheet levels

Our team has been hard at work for several months to get this important update right. We think we made great progress. We’d would like to hear your feedback on this update.

Zoho Services in Tamil

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Zoho participated at the recently concluded ‘World Classical Tamil Conference‘ that happened from June 23-27 in the southern city of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. To coincide with the conference, we released the UI of four of our services – Zoho Mail, Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheet and Zoho Chat – in Tamil. A slide show of the Zoho services’ screens in Tamil below.

You can choose Tamil as your language by clicking on the ‘Edit’ button in this page here – And you’ll have to set the language preference of your browser to Tamil (in Firefox, Tools -> Options -> Content -> Languages).

Zoho services are available in multiple languages already and we are continuously working on having the UI in more languages.