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Zoho Sheet

Zoho Sheet lets you easily collaborate to create and share complex spreadsheets wherever you are. Visit:zoho.com/docs/sheet.html

Zoho Apps on Chrome Web Store

For users looking to use Zoho Apps on Chrome OS, we started adding our apps to Chrome Web Store. For now, three Zoho Apps are...

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Two useful mouse techniques for your spreadsheets!

After a marathon effort to load a million cells spreadsheet in Zoho Sheet, we are onto a sprint mode. A lot of exciting and nitty-gritty...

Zoho Sheet 1 min read

Zoho Sheet 2.0 supports Million Cell Spreadsheets, additional browsers & more

Every year, we push out hundreds of updates to our applications. Some small, some large, some that stand out and some that go under the...

General , Zoho Sheet 2 min read

Zoho Services in Tamil

Zoho participated at the recently concluded ‘World Classical Tamil Conference‘ that happened from June 23-27 in the southern city of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. To...

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The Next Phase in the Evolution of Office Suites

This week, Microsoft is launching the latest version of its Office suite. These 3 year release cycles seem alien to us given that our apps...

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Zoho Recruit Integrates With Zoho Writer, Sheet, Show and Viewer

No more file downloads to view and edit the documents in Zoho Recruit. Viewing and editing the documents has now been made easy in Zoho Recruit....

General , Zoho Recruit , Zoho Sheet , Zoho Show , Zoho Viewer , Zoho Writer 1 min read

Spreadsheets for Kids

We announced the “Insert buttons” functionality few months back. With the power of Buttons and VBA Macros in Zoho Sheet, you can do a whole...

Zoho Sheet 2 min read

Central Desktop Integrates Zoho Sheet

Online Project Collaboration application vendor Central Desktop integrated Zoho Sheet into their application using our Remote APIs. Zoho Sheet is integrated contextually within their application...

Zoho Sheet 1 min read

Zoho API integration in FilesAnywhere

FilesAnywhere is a secure online file storage service. For documents, spreadsheets and presentation files, FilesAnywhere makes it easy for its users to edit and save...

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Glasscubes integrates Zoho

Online applications are ideal for collaboration, especially for collaborating with users from multiple locations. These browser based applications offer convenience, mobility among many other advantages....

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