Collaborative spreadsheets for creative workplaces

Create spreadsheets your teams can easily collaborate on for free. Powered by an automated data processor, an AI-assisted data analyst, and 1,000+ integration possibilities, Zoho Sheet makes data handling easier and more effective.


Collaborative spreadsheets for creative workplaces

Synergetic, smart, and simple.

Data across devices
Collaborate, yet keep control.

Get more hands on deck

Work together and get your work reviewed in real time. Comment, discuss, and make changes directly from your Zoho Sheet spreadsheet.

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Data across devices

Work from anywhere, with any device. While you can access and edit your spreadsheets from any computer browser, Zoho Sheet's iOS and Android applications let you create spreadsheets and collaborate on the move.

Mobile devices | Chromebook

Data across devices

Automate your data flow

Integrate Zoho Sheet with thousands of other cloud-based software applications—from Zoho CRM to Zoho Forms—and make the most of the power of automation.

Custom Functions | Via Zoho Flow

Collaborate, but keep control

Lock selected cells for all or specific collaborators, restore previous versions, see what's changed since your last edit, and delegate different levels of control to different collaborators.

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Collaborate, but keep control
“As an avid user of Microsoft Excel for the first half of my career in banking, I never thought that I would find an application that was as robust and well-designed, but Zoho Sheet has convinced me that I was wrong. Whether you are a basic spreadsheet user sorting and filtering lists of data, or a power user looking to integrate with external data sources and write your own functions Zoho Sheet can do it all and at a value that Microsoft cannot touch.”

Jordan Talmor

COO, Quikflip Apparel

Build more than just a spreadsheet. Build an interactive application with drop-down menus, check boxes, conditional formats, and date pickers to make it easier for your team to navigate and work on sheets.


On point analysis, every time

With nearly 40 different chart types and a dynamic pivot table builder, Zoho Sheet offers powerful tools to analyze data effectively. With our AI-powered assistant, you can even automate the data process and analysis steps in your data cycle.

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Seamless data connections

Gather contextual data from multiple other Zoho applications, like CRM, Projects, and Books, using Data Connections. Schedule and refresh linked data sets and keep them updated automatically!

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Excel-lent compatibility

Work with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets effortlessly using Zoho Sheet. Zoho Sheet’s compatibility with Excel helps you work on your spreadsheets online— just import your document and you’re ready to go with no loss of formatting.

Excel compatibility

Intelligent spreadsheets for everyday use

Focus on more complex tasks, while Sheet’s intelligent features handle all the details.

Automate data processing

Automate data processing

Remove any inconsistencies or human errors that your data might have. Pick out duplicate or unique entries with just a click. Our automatic Data Cleaning tool processes your data effortlessly.

Automate data processing

Present data better with the power of AI

Use Zia, our AI-powered assistant, to get charts and pivots tailored to your data set, then add them to your spreadsheet by simply dragging and dropping. Ask Zia questions about your data in plain, simple English, and it will readily give you answers!

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Experience generative AI in Sheet

Generate sample data sets, formulas, and VBA macro codes effortlessly with Zia powered by ChatGPT. Zia can even help you identify the macro codes and formulas in your current spreadsheet.

Build interactive spreadsheets

Zia's relevant suggestions help you contextually highlight your data with conditional formatting options, add picklists, and insert checkboxes—all in a matter of seconds!

“For almost a decade, I’ve been using Zoho Sheet for my work. The team’s aim to solve problems quickly, and the assistance for the client, means that we can do our jobs more successfully.”

Hans Rieder

Darley and Nutwood Local Nature Reserve

Structured templates to data organizing

Get started right away with one of our business templates. Our spreadsheet templates offer sophisticated design, pre-built functions, and everything else you could ask for.

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Structured templates
Structured templates

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