Benefits of integrating Zoho CRM with Zoho SalesIQ

Start off your sales cycle with bots

Zobot—Zoho's enterprise-ready, low-code bot builder—lets you create your own AI-powered chatbots to ask initial questions and take some of the load off your hands.


Automate lead capture 

Qualify and capture website visitors around the clock with custom-built bots. These bots will add high-value prospects directly to your Zoho CRM, freeing your team to focus on closing deals.


Streamlined handover to qualified staff

Seamlessly transfer inquiries to the most appropriate staff member for continued engagement. All collected prospect information is forwarded, ensuring a well-informed and uninterrupted conversation.

Lead creation in a single click

Turn your website visitors into leads on Zoho CRM with a single click while conversing with them from your Zoho SalesIQ interface.

Zoho CRM with live chat integration

Know more about your visitors 

Unmask more details about your visitors with our ClearBit integrations for a more personalized engagement, and push these details to their respective fields in Zoho CRM.

Website visitor tracking
Visitor tracking with ClearBit integration

Deanonymize your traffic with ClearBit Reveal

ClearBit Reveal uses your visitors' IP address to detect their company, its industry, its location and time zone, what technology the company already uses, and more. 


Fill in the gaps with ClearBit Enrichment

ClearBit Enrichment gives you more personal data like your visitors' name, role, location and social media details from their email address or a company's details from its domain name. 

Never let a lead go unnoticed

Get notified in your CRM when a prospect visits your website, along with details of what page they're on. You also get alerts whenever existing CRM leads revisit your site and perform actions signifying a higher purchase intent, like viewing your pricing page or downloading a brochure.

Website visitor details integrated with Zoho CRM
Website visitor details

Target leads based on their sales-readiness

Define rules to rate visitors based on factors like traffic source, number of visits, the page they're on, location, and more. Based on this, Zoho SalesIQ assigns them a lead score. This is automatically pushed to CRM as visit score, so you can give more attention to the right visitors.

Lead score assigned to a visitor in CRM

Nurture them at the right time

Use your CRM data to reach prospects at the moments that most influence their purchase decision. Trigger conversations when your visitors land on a particular page, after they've spent a specific amount of time in your website, or even based on their stage in your sales cycle. 

Trigger conversations with CRM data

Engage visitors with up-to-date context

Keep visitor data and chat transcripts synced between Zoho SalesIQ and Zoho CRM, and add tasks and notes under the relevant lead right from your chat window. This way, you have all the context you need to continue a conversation with a returning visitor.

Website visitor details with chat summary
 Integrating Zoho CRM with SalesIQ live chat

CRM + SalesIQ - Synergize business operations with 360° customer engagement

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