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Feature bytes

live chat software for exceptional customer support

Make your customers and employees happy with SalesIQ

Give your support team the right tools to make their job easier and help them delight customers.

Offer great customer service with audio calls

Enable one-click customer calls on your website

Let customers call your support agents by just clicking a button on your website, with no additional software.

Improve support team productivity with OpenAI (ChatGPT) integration

Enhance support conversations with our OpenAI integration

Integrate OpenAI (ChatGPT) with SalesIQ for improved support conversations and productivity.

Automate customer support on instant messaging channels with chatbots

Deploy chatbots in your instant messaging channels

Automate query resolution on Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger with chatbots.

Delight mobile app users with in-app live chat

Boost mobile app engagement with our mobile SDK

Add live chat to your mobile app with our mobile SDK, Mobilisten to give app users a window to reach you.

Feature explainers

Offer round-the-clock support with conversational chatbots

Build chatbots with Zobot

Automate your engagement and support customers round-the-clock with our chatbot builder, Zobot.

Automate customer query resolution with AI chatbots

Answer common queries with our AI-driven Answer Bot

Provide instant responses to common customer questions with our ready-to-deploy AI chatbot.

Organize your customer support chats with tags

Organize your chats better with Tags

Categorize chats, contacts, and companies that have contacted you with tags to find them easily.

Train agents on the job with conversation monitor

Observe and train support agents with Conversation Monitor

Optimize training of new support agents by discreetly monitoring their customer chats and calls.

Improve support quality and efficiency with the OpenAI (ChatGPT) integration

Integrate OpenAI with SalesIQ for better support conversations

Improve the quality of your support responses and efficiency with our OpenAI (ChatGPT) integration.


Thought leadership webinars

How AI impacts customer service

AI in customer service: The present and the future

Watch the discussion between our AI experts on the impact AI has on customer service along with business examples.

Expert tips on startup marketing

Startup marketing from day 1: Insights and strategies

Learn how startups should approach marketing from Yaagneshwaran Ganesh, Co-founder of SaaS Sprints.

Startup marketing challenges and solutions

Optimize your startup marketing with Zoho SalesIQ

Understand the marketing challenges startups face and how Zoho SalesIQ can help along the way.

Let customers book appointments on your website chat with Zoho SalesIQ-Bookings integration

Augment your self-service solutions to delight customers

Enhance productivity and customer experience by integrating SalesIQ's chatbots with Zoho Bookings.

Understanding and solving your customers' pain points

Keeping customers at the intersection of everything we do

Learn why product managers need to understand customer pain points and how they solve them.

Improving customer experience with a user community

Nurturing a community to improve your customer experience

Learn how communities enable businesses to grow, sustain, and scale their offerings.

The scope of user communities for your business

How communities can improve your business

Learn the scope of communities in today's business scenario and how it helps businesses of various sizes.

Reduce customer churn

Reduce churn and retain your customers

Learn why churn happens and what you can do to reduce churn and retain your customers.

Improve customer experience with UI and UX

Role of UI & UX in improving customer experience

Learn how to leverage UI and UX to understand, influence, and improve your customer experience.

Sales tactics to boost conversions

Tried-and-tested sales tactics to boost conversions

Optimize each stage of your sales process—from prospecting to final purchase—with these sales tips.

Nurture leads and improve engagement

Importance of human touch in lead nurturing

Learn the importance of a human-centric approach to lead nurturing to improve customer relationships.

Customer engagement platform for businesses of all types

Business use cases of Zoho SalesIQ

Learn how SalesIQ helps startups and SMBs, and its extensibility for every domain, from our early team.

Product webinars

Improve sales conversion with AI chatbots

Boost sales team efficiency with SalesIQ's AI bot

Learn how automation using AI chatbots increases the efficiency of sales teams, with a detailed demo.

Comprehensie customer support with live chat and help desk

Integrate help desk and live chat for great customer support

Explore the pros/cons of help desk and live chat and how the two can create holistic customer support.

Zoho SalesIQ's AI and automation capabilities

Enhance business performance with automation and AI

Optimize your business with our automation and AI features, and explore our upcoming enhancements.

Complete customer engagement with Zoho SalesIQ and Zoho CRM

Synergize business operations with 360° customer engagement

Check out how merging Zoho SalesIQ and Zoho CRM can boost your customer engagement significantly.

Build a conversational AI chatbot using SalesIQ and Haptik

Driving conversations with our AI partnership with Haptik

Understand the combined benefits of SalesIQ and Haptik, and learn how to build an AI chatbot.

Happy customers

Telecom provider Global Call Forwarding improves customer engagement with SalesIQ

Global Call Forwarding boosts customer engagement with SalesIQ

Check out how SalesIQ helped Global Call Forwarding streamline their marketing, sales, and support.

How teams in Zoho use Zoho SalesIQ

How Zoho uses SalesIQ

Check out how teams across Zoho have made the most out of SalesIQ and continue to scale with it.

Global automobile company Mahindra & Mahindra enhances customer engagement with SalesIQ

Mahindra & Mahindra boosts customer engagement with SalesIQ

Learn how Mahindra & Mahindra leveraged customer engagement for success amid the pandemic.

Clothing store Apliiq expands business with Zoho SalesIQ

Custom clothing store Apliiq delights customers with SalesIQ

Explore Apliiq's journey from a college dorm room project to a nationwide success with SalesIQ.

Zoho SalesIQ helps Fuitec international convert prospects

Fluitec International boosts conversions with SalesIQ

See how SalesIQ helped eco-friendly fluid treatment company Fluitec International improve sales.

The Farm AV improves their sales with Zoho SalesIQ

The Farm AV improves sales and support with SalesIQ

Learn how an AV wholesaler improved sales and customer support with SalesIQ's live chat software.

How Zoho SalesIQ helps Allen Berg Racing Schools increase their ROI

Allen Berg Racing Schools increases ROI with SalesIQ

Watch Allen berg, CEO of Allen Berg Racing Schools talk about SalesIQ's impact on their ROI.

Partner videos

Training videos

Zoho SalesIQ partner product training

Overview of Zoho SalesIQ

Understand SalesIQ's capabilities beyond live chat with an implementation case study.

Market potential of SalesIQ and how to market it

How to market Zoho SalesIQ? | GTM Strategy

Explore the market potential of live chat and chatbot, and how you can market Zoho SalesIQ.

Case studies

Zoho SalesIQ implementation for an insurance company

SalesIQ implementation at Aseguradora del Sur

Watch SalesIQ's partners from Ecuador discuss their implementation experience at an insurance company.