The Operator's chat window is the most common way any visitor/customer would interact when they land on the website, in case of any queries and product learning. Thus the settings cum "features" in the chat window play a major role in sales conversion owing to suit your customer base.

Now, coming to the operator chat window settings, SalesIQ provides various settings like:

  • Show typing status to visitor - You can share the operator's typing status with the visitor
  • Send file to visitor - Allow operators to share files with the visitor
  • Share URL - Allow operators to share URL with the visitor
  • Email Visitor Information - This will allow the support representative to email the visitor information
  • Google Translation for conversing with visitors from different regions - Once enabled, the system uses Google translation instinctively to translate all the Visitor messages to operator language and the operator messages to Visitor's language.
  • Allowing screen sharing to understand the product flow and usage - Remote assistance option will be enabled in the operator's chat window. Thus, allowing them to share their screen or access the customer's screen remotely.
  • Audio call - Once enabled, the operators of your firm can avail the audio call feature in their chat windows.
  • Visitor Chat transcript to be sent to visitor - You can configure to send the Chat transcript to the Visitor on completing the chat session.


These features bring the visitors a step closer to your product and help them give a smooth experience which will encourage them to fasten the sales conversion and retain them as your customers.

Each feature given above makes a sincere effort to keep the visitor/customer more involved and make their experience as a user more comfortable and detailed.

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