Reason to order the triggers and routing rules

By default when there is no ordering concept, all the routing rules and triggers will work fine independently. However when more than one routing rule/trigger matches the criteria for a visitor, there is chaos and zero efficiency as a specific operator who deals with the visitor may not be the right person it has been routed to. Thereby we require ordering which helps in segregating and routing the visitors to specific agents and incase of triggers, it helps us to execute mutiple triggers simultaneously.

To know more about the criteria, Click here and refer pre-defined conditions. So, after the segregation of the visitors is done, the operators only get the visitors whose requirement matches with their specialization. Every time a new visitor routing rule is created, it is placed in the bottom most part of the list. These rules use the top to bottom approach, whichever rule first matches the visitor criteria will be executed. Hence may sure to re-arrange the rules by Dragging and Dropping.

For example, consider the following rules:

Rule 1: Visitor Type is equal to Returning Visitors

Rule2: Search Engine is Google.

Rule3: No of visits is greater than 5.

So to follow these visitor routing rules, we have to follow the top to bottom approach as in (Rule 1 to Rule 3).

To use visitor routing, go to Settings->Automation->Visitor Routing. Create Visitor routing rules and make sure to follow the top to bottom approach for segregating visitor routing in SalesIQ.



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