Maximize the value of every visitor conversation with Zoho CRM integration

You can increase the value of each-and-every interaction your team has with your customers, and add the ability to provide on-demand customer support through live chat. Integrate Zoho SalesIQ with Zoho CRM and organize all your customer data in one place. By adding Zoho SalesIQ into your existing CRM, you extend your ability to connect with customers, and give your team the tools to support customers instantly, while keeping all interactions organized. With instant access to your comprehensive customer database and easy-to-use live support software working together, it is all possible.

How to integrate Zoho CRM with Zoho SalesIQ?

  • Login to “Zoho SalesIQ”.
  • In Settings, click Zoho CRM.
  • In the Connect with Zoho CRM page, click the Enable CRM Integration button. This will link Zoho SalesIQ to your CRM account upon the successful generation of the Zoho CRM ZSC key.
  • Upon successful integration of Zoho SalesIQ account to the Zoho CRM account for which you are the CRM administrator. You will now see the Zoho CRM administrator as “Me” and the Zoho CRM ZSC Key will be displayed below.


To learn more about the Zoho SalesIQ - Zoho SalesIQ integration, click here.

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