With Departments by SalesIQ, the administrator can now be sure that the right operator answers every chat. The entire vision behind departments is to segregate the visitors/customer's chat to different operators and maximize their connectivity with SalesIQ, bringing them a step closer to the product. Each department is also provided with its chat widget to make sure the messages are routed accordingly.

One of the critical jobs that an administrator does is organize his portal into different departments. Portal is organized based on requirements, it doesn't stop with just creating departments, they have to associate the right operators for each department.

To explain this further, imagine a situation where you might want your payment queries to go to your Financial department, while product related questions to go to the Tech Support department. This explains you the need of a department and why we assign different operators to each department. Without departments, all the requests would go at one stop and there would be chaos regarding the assigning of queries to each operator.

The visitors/customers can be assigned to a department by their pre-chat forms. These pre-chat forms ask the visitor/customer, the department they require to converse with.
So go to your Departments tab under Settings to create departments, select the operators suitable for it.  Make sure to plan your day around these suggestions, and you can save a lot of your time in segregating requests and forwarding them to operators.



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