Clearbit helps you spend less time researching your SalesIQ website visitors. It brings in enriched customer data right from the time the website visitor lands on the website.  All you need is your customer's email address and IP address for Clearbit Enrichment and Clearbit Reveal respectively.

View Company details of a visitor in  

  • Proactive Chat Window,
  • Visitor History,
  • Operator Chat window.


The information given by Clearbit gives the operators a fair chance to get the visitors netted to the product. Knowing Company details helps you understand the need of the company and guides in being prepared by keeping up the sales conversation in context and winning deals.

Clearbit Info can also be used to route visitors, chats and create automated triggers in order to bring the respective company representatives one step closer to experiencing the product and decreasing the time of the sales cycle.

So, let us configure Clearbit with SalesIQ right away to enjoy the perks of Company information. To configure, click here.

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