Chat Translator is a simple yet useful application that supports different languages and can translate any chat to your native language in real time. It not only translates but also auto-detects a language in case the operator cannot identify the language.

It is not always possible that all our customers will speak the same language, that does not mean they cannot be a part of any business or trade. To bring a solution to this, SalesIQ has its own built-in Google Translate integration which automatically translates chat messages to and from visitors who speak different languages, once auto-detect is enabled.


Your website users can enjoy conversations easily even if the operator speaks a different language. For example: Incoming messages in Spanish and German will be translated to English in a chatroom so that Patricia can chat with a group of people who speak in different languages.

Different languages are the main reason for reduced interactions between your website users.  Real-time Language Translation translate live chats so that users from all over the globe can interact with operators in a jiffy.

So go to your Portal Settings tab under Settings to enable Google Translate. To know more on this, click here.


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