Mentor your Associates with Chat Monitor .

Associates face the customers/website visitors on a daily basis. Hence it becomes essential for them, working in the business ambience, to be on the right track.
Chat monitoring is ideal for internal training and support. Admin/Supervisors can oversee live chat sessions in real-time.

With chat monitor by SalesIQ, the conversation between the agent and the website visitor/customer can be monitored. This feature not just helps being a silent listener in the monitoring mode but it can also help in joining the chat and converse with the customers.

Chat monitor feature suggests that the admin/supervisor could give help notes to the agents via the internal chat to coach the agent and help them respond. This not only helps agents during difficult sessions, but also offers an easy way to ensure service standards are being met. It guides the  agents to attend the customers in a positive and more productive way during the business hours. The chances of sales conversion become higher, when you go by these suggested ideas.



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