To understand the virtue of business hours, let us first assume a situation where business hours concept is not implemented. For example, I own a handmade soap company and have my clients all over the world. In this situation, my clients could contact me round the clock.  Considering my business hours to be 9 A.M-9 P.M IST, if a visitor from US visits my website and inquires on the product via Live Chat at 1 A.M IST, there would be no response from my operators. This keeps the visitor waiting for a response and he would leave the website disappointed. In order to avoid this particular situation, you can set up business hours for Live Chat. It sets expectations for end users by letting them know when your team will be available to help them with a offline banner.

Business hours assist in keeping the chat widgets online, considering the operators assigned to the departments are also online. Incase the operators are online during the offline hours (non-Business hours ), then the chat widgets would be offline.This helps you enhance your workflow by specifying business hours.

So to set business hours, go to Settings->Company. Use these suggestions to keep the workflow strong and keep your clients intact.

To learn more on Business hours in Zoho SalesIQ, Click here.


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