Avoid switching apps while emailing to get visitor info 

The one most critical but frustrating job in the daily routine of any sales rep is to switch between applications or platforms to get the visitor information while sending an email. Getting hold of them in the first place is a real challenge in itself. Well, that is not going to be the case if you are using Email Genie.

Sending timely responses is not sufficient to connect to your prospects— you need to combine quick responses with context to increase sales conversion.  It shows the important details about a prospect when you view email they sent. With 3 simple clicks, you can close a deal: 

  • Open the prospect’s email.
  • Check the contextual data that Email Genie pops up.
  • Reply to your prospect with the context you need.
Email Genie not only helps you escape from the tedious job of switching apps while using an email but it also helps you avoid sending wrong data or mail to the visitor.

So all you got to do is configure the integration. To configure, click here.

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