One of the most critical jobs in the daily routine of any sales representative is collecting the hot visitors list, manually entering all the data into an excel and mailing them to the administrator.  Well, you can't say the same with SalesIQ anymore. We have our Email scheduler that automates the process of sending an email with the hot-visitor list, given that you have already set the pre-defined criteria to find the hot visitors.

The automated email could contain the data based on the requirement, i.e filtering the website visitors based on a visitor history rule and with a time range (given date and time). The schedule option is applicable only for administrators.

So to schedule list, go to visitor history, select the visitor list you wish to schedule from the Settings option. Also give the basic details like the recipient email address, default text and the file format in which you would like to receive the file.  You can view all your email schedules by going to Settings > Automation > Email Schedules. Planning with these suggestions can save you and your sales representatives a substantial amount of time. This feature helps you get all the necessary information without any dependency on sales representatives.

To learn more about scheduling email list of visitor list in Zoho SalesIQ: Click here

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