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25% recurring revenue for the first 3 years on the total order value.
$1.6kworth of SalesIQ subscription free for 12 months.

How can you help your customers by partnering with SalesIQ?

High rankings and heavy traffic but no conversions.

Identify new and returning visitors from the heavy traffic you generated. Understand their visit history, interact with them, chat in real-time and close deals faster.

Maximizing the ROI on SEO efforts.

Drive more sales conversions with better real time insights from your SEO and content marketing efforts, Understand which Ads and content is driving traffic to the website. Based on the traffic source, personalize visitor engagement.

Engaging in real time through live chat.

Set rules to identify and prioritize visitors who landed on your website from the previous campaigns and Adwords you published. Obtain the complete data of these visitors, proactively chat and engage in a personalized way.

Access to actionable analytics.

Obtain granular insights of your website traffic and visitor engagement to optimize your sales conversions. Get access to visitor insights like the average time spent, number of page views and other key website metrics.

Automated and personalized visitor engagement.

Set up and train SalesIQ once and it engages visitors for life. Let the automation tools take care of personalized engagement while you focus on engaging the right visitors from anytime and anywhere through the SalesIQ app for android, iOS and tablets.

Analyse and act on website visitor lists.

SalesIQ gives you a list of all your website visitors, even after they have left your website. The list is prioritized based on the visitor's sales readiness.

Brian Childers, President, Foxxr.

"Our SEO agency has been working with Zoho for over a year now and we experienced a tremendous surge in business. SalesIQ is affordable and to implement. Don't spend another moment driving traffic to your client's websites without a "conversion machine" like SalesIQ."

Features of SalesIQ

Easy setup and customization
  • Set up in 2 minutes.
  • Flexible to customize.
  • Canned responses.
  • JavaScript APIs.
Track and engage visitors
  • Geo locate your visitors.
  • Track visitor's footprints.
  • Identify new vs returning visitors.
  • Start chats based on visitor activities.
Live chat software
  • Real time traffic monitoring.
  • Automated website visitor engagement.
  • Actionable analytic.
  • Prioritized list of website visitors.
Visitor insights and lead scoring
  • Turn your website into a lead generation machine.
  • Set scores for your leads.
  • Focus on prospects that deserve your attention.
Massive engagement via Zoho CRM
  • From data to actionable insights.
  • CRM data based pro-active triggers.
  • See your previous interactions.
  • Assign follow up actions in CRM.
Sell smarter and close deals faster
  • Amaze your visitors with personalized engagement.
  • Reduce sales cycle and increase sales conversions.
  • Generate more sales from your email campaigns.