A company or department within a company that your organization is currently doing business with or plans to in the future.

Account Management software

Software which records and processes accounting transactions within functional modules and functions as an accounting information system.

Account Settings

A combination of the personal, email, and company settings of a lead/prospect's organization.


Tasks, calls, meetings, and events that a sales agent performs.

Assignment Rule

A rule which lets you automatically assign records to users in Zoho CRM, either through the organization-wide distribution process or through the round robin process.


A user with an Administrator profile will have access to all data, irrespective of the role assigned to the user.

Approval Process

The approval process lets you specify certain criteria, based on which the records are automatically sent for managerial approval in Zoho CRM.


A set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications.


Automates your email follow-up process by sending follow-up emails to prospects and customers at regular intervals.

Auth token

The token that gives you the permission required to use APIs from your Zoho CRM account.

Autonumber field

An autonumber field classifies records automatically by generating unique numbers for each record. This enables any Zoho CRM form to automatically generate sequential numbers for every additional record that is entered in the form.


A process that uses software to automate the important business tasks in sales, like sending follow-up emails.


Business Card View

This view gives you a quick glance at the important details of every record, without having to search for them.

Business Hours

The hours of a day when a company or organization is open for business.


An online replica of your business process which captures every detail of your offline process within Zoho CRM.


Canvas View

A custom view for the records which lets you customize the entire view by formatting the text, adding images for easy identification, and using icons to represent fields like phone, email, address, etc.


Practices, strategies, and software technologies that companies use to analyze and improve customer relations, and drive sales growth.


A single activity distributed to a list of leads, contacts, or accounts (e.g. sending a welcome email to a group of leads).


An authentication mechanism which connects your Zoho CRM account with any third-party application. Connections invoke APIs from third-party apps and access authenticated data from your functions or widgets.


People with whom you communicate for a business opportunity. In a B2B scenario, they can be your business partners or the point of contact for your partners.

Common Operations

Basic operations performed in Zoho CRM, such as creating records, searching for records, navigating records, etc.


Customizable public or private spaces for employees, partners and customers to collaborate on best practices and business processes.


A profile or role that gives the user access to all the features in Zoho CRM, like the owner.

Consulting Partner

A partner who customizes, integrates and implements solutions for clients.


Messaging platforms where information is shared between colleagues in your organization. Channels connect the entire organization and let users participate in topic-specific discussions.


The process of modifying or altering fields to suit your individual business requirements.

Custom fields

Unique fields which you can create on your own to meet your business requirements.

Custom links

Unique links which let you access third-party applications and URLs within Zoho CRM.

Custom modules

Modules that you can set up for your own business requirements.


A list of customer issues, complaints, or feedback which could help improve your product or service.

Criteria Pattern

A criteria pattern specifies certain standards for custom list views. Using the Criteria Pattern Editor in the custom list view, you can define advanced filters using simple logic (e.g. and/or).

Case escalation rules

Rules you can set up to escalate cases to other members in the operational hierarchy, if those cases haven't already been attended to by the designated person.



A pictorial representation of your custom reports, which give you a real-time snapshot of your organization's key metrics.

Data sharing rules

Rules which determine who you would like your data to be shared with. These rules extend data access to additional users who belong to other roles and groups.


The most important records in any CRM system. They generate revenue for your organization.

Differential Discount

A different discount, outside of the standard discount you offer, for special customers based on certain conditions.



The different editions of Zoho CRM made available to the customer. They can choose from the Free, Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate Editions.

Email templates

Templates that allow you to send one message to multiple recipients.

Enterprise Edition

The CRM Edition which is most suitable for large companies and teams which need a high level of interdependency.


A process that gathers data from individual modules and transfers them to external sources.



A messaging platform that allows you to openly share your views, have important discussions with your team in real time, and speed up the decision making process.

Flat discount

A fixed discount for all prospects and customers.

Fiscal year

A 12-month period that a typical organization uses to determine their operating budget.


A single piece of data such as name, date of birth, email or telephone number.

Field properties

The characteristics and behavior of the data added to a particular field.

Field-level security

The right of an Administrator to restrict access to fields in a module by setting specific permissions for specific people.


The process of predicting or estimating future sales, and setting short-term and long-term targets using past sales data.

Formula fields

Fields defined by the user that can dynamically calculate data based on the values returned by other standard or custom fields.

Feeds Slider

The Slider allows you to view records or activities that have not been updated for a certain period of time. It can be set from 1 to 180 days.


Code snippets users in Zoho CRM can create to update the data in related CRM modules or third-party applications.



The gamification element to Zoho CRM. Gamescope makes sales more fun through contests and awards.



A bill or commercial document issued by the seller to the buyer which includes the products, quantities, and the price agreed upon for products or services.


The process of syncing Zoho CRM with other third-party apps for better collaboration and productivity.


The process of gathering data from various external sources and transferring them to Zoho CRM.


Stands for Internet Message Access Protocol, which is used by email clients all over the world to retrieve email messages from a mail server.


Java SDKs

A software development environment used for developing Java applications and applets. This includes the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), an interpreter/loader, compiler, archiver and document generator.


Kanban View

A card-based view that displays data in an organized manner. The Kanban View segregates data on leads based on their status, or categorizes sales based on their stages in the pipeline.



Prospective customers who have shown interest in your product or company.

Line Items

A group of items related to a product or service.

List View

Grouping of records through a defined set of criteria which lets you view customer specific data according to your business requirements.



A set of automated actions that can be set up for a group of records in a module.

Matrix Report

Summarized data placed in a grid against horizontal and vertical columns.

Mobile SDKs

A set of software development tools that allow for a wide range of varied mobile apps for smart phones and tablets.


Different tabs in CRM that denote different stages in the sales life cycle.

Module-level security

Giving security permission for users to access only those modules that they are working on.

Multi-select Field

A multi-select field lets you choose from many choices within the field, rather than selecting a single option.



The process of easily moving back and forth between records.

Node JS SDKs

A wrapper for Zoho CRM APIs. Invoking a Zoho CRM API from your Node application is a function call for the most appropriate response.


Page layout

The organization of fields, custom links, and related lists on a record's details or edit page. Page layouts let you customize the content of record pages for your users.


Individuals or companies you collaborate with to close deals.

Personal Settings

Settings and customization options which help users personalize their CRM experience, according to their personal preferences. Users can choose their country locale, language, time zone, date format and more.


An email protocol where messages are received and held by the Internet server.


A web-based application which allows customers, partners and vendors to have access to certain modules, pricing, and sales information.

Picklist field

A field which gives you multiple options to choose from, for your particular module.

Pipeline stages

A visual representation of sales prospects and where they are in the purchasing process.

Purchase Order

A commercial document and first official letter issued by a buyer to a seller, initiating the purchase process.

Price Book

A book where the normal prices of an item are listed for all suppliers, allowing buyers to determine the lowest possible price.


Goods or services bought by an organization.


Different permissions that can be defined for users based on their designation.

Professional Edition

An edition designed for users who need full-featured CRM functionality.

Python SDKs

Software environment used for developing Python applications and applets.



A formal offer for products or services with set prices.


Targets set for sales reps for a specific time period.


Recent Items

A list of the 20 most recent activities that have been added or modified in Zoho CRM.


A record provides a complete set of information about a customer. Leads, contacts, accounts, and deals are different types of records.

Recurring event

An event or activity that is likely to occur more than once.

Record Owner

A sales rep who is in charge of a particular record (lead, contact, account, or deal).

Record-level sharing

A type of sharing that allows users or Administrators to share accounts, contacts and deals with users in the organization, who are subordinated.

Related List

A list of records which are associated with the parent record.

Reorder level

The point at which a new order is to be placed for the supply of products.

Reporting Hierarchy

A type of setup that structures the organization's hierarchy in Zoho CRM based on roles, and assigns reporting managers to users for accountable record accessibility.


Roles allow you to set up your organization's hierarchy in Zoho CRM. Users higher up in the hierarchy can access the records of someone lower in the hierarchy.

Ruby SDKs

Software environment that allows developers to integrate their Zoho CRM API into the Ruby applications.


Sales Order

A confirmation document sent to customers before delivering products or services.

Sales force automation

The process of using software to automate business tasks such as inventory control, contact management, order tracking, customer management, sales forecast analysis, and employee performance evaluation.

Scoring rules

Scoring rules help you prioritize leads, contacts, accounts, and deals based on their scores. This scoring is based on record properties (e.g. fields) and customer touch points, such as calls, emails, social signals, and more.


A Software Development Kit (SDK) is typically a set of software development tools which allow the creation of applications for a software package, software framework, hardware platform, operating system, or any similar development platform.


Forms and reports are displayed under the respective sections.

Server Side SDKs

Tools to create client applications that let you easily access the required APIs.

Shift Hours

A feature that sets specified shifts through a 24-hour workday, where different workers will perform their duties.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software that is readily available for use online.

Special fields

Certain fields in Zoho CRM, which are not common to all modules. They are available and applicable only to particular modules based on the purpose of their function.

Stage Probability Mapping

Defines the criteria for various sales stages and assigns different probabilities for the sales stage values.

Standard fields

A list of fields available for each module by default in Zoho CRM.

Super Administrator

The most powerful CRM user in the system who has the highest privileges across the organization.


Territory Management

A feature that segments an organization's sales force structure into territories so that accounts in Zoho CRM can be grouped and shared with salespeople based on geography, industry, product line, and expected revenue.



A person who has access to the organization's Zoho CRM account, manages their own records, and can access the records shared by others users in the organization.



Clear list of all the different type of tasks assigned to sales reps so they don't overlook important activities.



Embeddable UI components in Zoho CRM that users can create on their own, to perform functions that uses data from third-party applications.


Facilitate communication with third-party applications by sending instant web notifications, whenever an event occurs in Zoho CRM.

Workflow automation

The automatic assignment of tasks and field updates to users, based on the criteria defined in the workflow rules.

Workflow rules

A set of actions (such as email notifications, tasks, and field updates) that are executed when certain conditions are met. These rules automate the process of sending email notifications, assigning tasks and updating certain fields of a record when a rule is triggered.

Workflow alerts

Notifications that you can build into your CRM system. When a certain workflow rule is triggered, an email template is sent to the relevant person or people in the organization.



An intelligent sales assistant for Zoho CRM. Zia optimizes CRM data to give key business information like sales predictions, suggestions and alerts.

Zia Best time to Contact

Zia intelligently suggests the best time to reach your prospects.

Zia Reminders

Intelligent and timely reminders for your activities based on Zia's Best time to Contact suggestions.

Zia Voice

The conversational AI for CRM, which interacts with users through chat and voice messages to perform actions inside Zoho CRM.