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"At Mahindra, we compared 3 different platforms and found Zoho SalesIQ the most suitable. Our digital sales revenue has increased by about 1-1.5% and SalesIQ is giving us complete ROI."

Pravin Nehete, Deputy General Manager, Automotive | Mahindra & Mahindra
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Why is Zoho SalesIQ the best customer engagement software for manufacturing industries?

Say adiós to buying email lists and chasing bad leads

Unable to identify their prospects, businesses in the manufacturing industry spend a ton of resources buying and building email lists, that results in them chasing bad leads and getting low conversions. Zoho SalesIQ's visitor tracking and lead scoring help you identify who your visitors are, filter your best potential customers based on what they do on your website, and organically build email lists.

Improve your lead quality with Zoho SalesIQ
Improve your lead quality with Zoho SalesIQ

Learn more about your prospects and nudge them on

Get all publicly available information on your potential buyers with our AI-powered profile enrichment. Use these details along with their actions on your site, lead score, and interaction history with your organization to nudge them to conversion via proactive chat with our SalesIQ's live chat for manufacturing.

Improve manufacturing customer engagement with proactive chat triggers

Build your email list and
follow up

Integrating Zoho SalesIQ with Zoho CRM lets you build your own email list by saving your contacts and leads. You can view and manage all of them inside a single dashboard for easy access and convenience.

Prospects don't convert after one interaction—emails are still the best way to follow up, nurture, and convert them. The Zoho SalesIQ integration with Zoho Campaigns means you can plan and schedule mail campaigns to be always on top of your prospect's mind and inbox.

Build your email list with Zoho SalesIQ

Empower your customers to self-serve

Buyers put a lot of work into their decisions, with 77% saying their latest purchase was complex or difficult1. They get to the purchasing stage by doing a lot of research. Zoho SalesIQ lets you enable bots on your site to help them access essential resources for their research.

You can also employ and empower bots to assist customers in scheduling appointments with your sales/support team.

Increase content visibility with Answer Bot

Collateral on manufacturing websites is often not easily accessible. Sometimes visitors have to dig deep. It's the nature of the industry, and it is unlikely to change. But with Zoho SalesIQ's Answer Bot, you can serve not easily accessible collaterals on a platter to your visitors.

Answer Bot, our NLP-driven chatbot, understands customer, partner, and contractor queries and gives them access to the your knowledge base, FAQs, and other collateral.

Want to know all that you can do with our chatbots? Here's an article on chatbots for manufacturing explaining all the use cases.

Answer bot for customer engagement in manufacturing industries

Break the silos between departments and route support to the right people

Manufacturing industries don't just deal with customers—they also interact with scores of suppliers, partners, contractors, and sub-contractors.

Clients would be interested in requesting proposals, obtaining updates about their orders, or looking for solutions. Contractors would want to track, monitor, and update tasks. All of them would be time-crucial. If anyone wants to get the right support for timely resolutions, they've to go to the right people.

SalesIQ's Department feature enables every team to contact the respective point person and helps you resolve their queries without delay.

Route customer support to the right people

Speak everyone's language

Our automatic chat translation lets you communicate with customers, partners, and contractors worldwide in their own language.

Chat translation for customer engagement in manufacturing industries
Chat translation for customer engagement in manufacturing industries

Empower your customers to reach you out with our in-app mobile SDK

Your customers should have easy access when they want to approach your support team. Empower them to reach out to your support with ease using our mobile SDK, Mobilisten.

Empower your customers to reach you out with our in-app mobile SDK
Empower your customers to reach you out with our in-app mobile SDK

Bring prospects, customers, suppliers, and contractors under one dashboard and provide quality engagement

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Frequently asked questions?

What is customer engagement?  

Customer engagement is creating and delivering a uniform, connected experience for your customers throughout their journey with you at every touchpoint. Having a well-planned customer engagement strategy will help you deliver the best customer experience.

What does customer engagement mean for the manufacturing industry?  

Customer engagement for the manufacturing industry involves getting your customers enthusiastic about your brand, making sure they want to know about your latest offerings, talk about your brand and products in their circle and community forums, and can even lead to them coming up with product hacks and tips.

All this starts with some effort from your side like ensuring all the information they need is readily accessible, helping them with their purchase, providing assistance in making the best use of your product with product guides and live chat, supporting them in any way they need, and even contacting them proactively when their service is due.

What's the importance of customer engagement in manufacturing?  

With its origin tracing back to the late 18th century, manufacturing industries have been historically slow at adapting to modern practices. Their over-dependence on complex, outdated legacy systems made it immune to change. Unlike e-commerce or other services, the manufacturing industry doesn't have an element of glamour attached to it.

In addition, their product's cost is high, and their sales cycle is pretty long.

To nullify these and other limitations, the manufacturing industry is starting to shed its old skin and see the potential of treating its customers right.

  • Beyond just selling: Nowadays, it's not just about selling a product. The world has evolved to expect more because of our technological advancements. Only by constantly engaging with customers can manufacturing industries differentiate themselves from their competitors and build trust with them. The trust-building helps them build loyal followers around their brand.
  • Loyal customer base: Building such a loyal base can help in other aspects such as word-of-mouth marketing, testimonials to attract potentials, etc. Unlike other services, the lifecycle of manufactured products is long, and customers usually stay with the brand for life when they're offered a great experience.
  • Reduce churn: In the long-term, an attentive customer engagement strategy will help the manufacturing industries retain their customers and reduce churn.
  • Service after sales: In manufacturing industries, customers usually return to them for service assistance. When treated right, it's a gold mine that generates 39% more margin than a new sale2.

Who is responsible for customer engagement in manufacturing ?  

It's everyone. As we discussed, customer engagement is about delivering a uniform, connected experience irrespective of the department in any organization. Only by breaking the silos existing between the multiple departments can customer engagement strategies be implemented.

How can I improve customer engagement in manufacturing?  

Manufacturing industries cannot do a one-time campaign to excite and engage with their customers and expect them to stay for life. A well-planned strategy should be implemented day-in and day-out to improve customer engagement.

  • Personalization is the key: 80% of customers are more likely to purchase when provided a personalized experience3.To improve customer engagement, add a pint of personalized content at every point of your interaction.
  • Enabling self-service: Websites of manufacturing industries are not visitor-friendly. It's the nature of the industry. Since 81% of all customers attempt to take care of matters themselves before reaching out to a live representative4, facilitating easy access and self-servicing options would improve customer engagement.
  • Collaterals to improve customer engagement: Since their sales cycle is long, manufacturing industries can use the opportunity to engage with customers and teach them what their products can do. Instead of always pitching the product, manufacturing industries can use their collaterals to make them realize why they need to buy their products.
  • Arming support executives: Customers of the manufacturing industries would spend a considerable time interacting with your support executives. Hence, empowering the support team with the perfect tools and resources would help them improve customer engagement and their overall experience with you.

What is engagement management?  

Although everyone is responsible, the engagement management team brings together the customers and the organizations. They go between them to exchange feedback and updates to ensure consistency is maintained across the organization and the customers are satisfied.

Are there any customer engagement tools?  

Zoho SalesIQ, the engagement intelligence tool, promotes an all-around customer engagement with its live chat and analytics features for your marketing, sales, and support teams.

What is customer experience?  

Customer experience (CX) is how your customers feel when they see, understand, and interact with your product. In a meta sense, CX also includes how your customers feel about your product even when they're not using it.

What is customer experience for manufacturing companies? 

In the manufacturing industry, good customer experience includes ensuring prospects and customers can find accurate stock levels in your product catalog, helping them find the right product for their needs, ensuring they know how to make the best use of your product, and making after-sales support a breeze.

Check out our recent blog post on how to improve customer experience in the manufacturing industry

What is the importance of live chat for manufacturing?  

Given today's intense competition and the options available to customers, manufacturing companies can't just rely on industry demand for sustained sales. Especially with the higher order volumes and cost associated with the manufacturing industry, customers will have numerous questions answered before committing to a purchase. Live chat software not only makes it possible for manufacturing companies to let customers reach out easily, answer their questions, and provide timely after-sales support to increase sales and retain customers, it also helps scale manufacturing businesses' live chat operation without the need for a proportional workforce with chatbots.

Check out our recent blog post to learn how to improve your manufacturing business with Zoho SalesIQ's live chat.